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++Valerian's Guide to Army List Building for 9e++

Space Wolves Army Building

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Fellow Denizens of the Fang,


I have finished putting the last polishing touches on my Army List Building Guide just in time for the new edition.  I hope this proves helpful to y'all, as you consider how to put your new lists together.



In the past, I've put the whole Guide into a single, long, post directly here on the B&C, but it'll be easier for me to update and revise by hosting it off-site on my Google Drive.


For those that haven't see it yet, you may also want to check out my earlier Army Building in 9th Edition post, that should serve as a preview of the Guide; that earlier post reinforces some of the Guide's concepts.







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Karack Blackstone

Karack Blackstone


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Offense? Press the attack.

Defense? Give ground, wave tactics like the Vikings used. Make sure the enemy fights on your terms, not you on theirs.

Send in massive assault force? Defeat in detail.


Grey Hunters? I think when, not likely if, GH's get ACSwd's, they will be quite strong, even if it's +1 pt more, as the weapon is going to be strong on both Charge and Countercharge.

Blood Claws? 4 A's on the charge, 2 base, with the huge benefits they get of 2+ to hit from Hunters Unleashed, imagine if they're on Assault Doctrine!


I think this is a great article.


Maybe consider some example units, with the proper equipment given out?

Intercessors with Bolt Rifles, for holding and securing...


IC's with Auto BR's with an Impulsor ride equipped with a Shield Dome will seriously help on the attack press


Still, great place to be at thus far. Nice, strong reference material thus far!




BC A's worded wrong

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  • 8,924 posts
  • Location:Boone, North Carolina
  • Faction: Space Wolves and Grey Knights

I just went through the Army Building Guide for 9e to see what might need to be adjusted, in light of some of the recent revelations that we've had with the upcoming significant unit and weapon profile changes.  The majority of the Guide remains valid, fortunately.  The only section that might be impacted is the one on Battlefield Roles (pages 6-8), which I will update when the new Space Marine codex, and Space Wolves supplement are released.  For the most part, the only changes that will be warranted will be adding some of the new units that are coming, and reordering the precedence of some of the units already mentioned in that section.



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