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A promise is a promise - so what to do?

supply drop imperium

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*I didn't want to put this in the supply drop thread as I'm really asking advice, but I didn't know where else to put it, so move it away to where it needs to be if needs be!*


So, if you drop Mephiston, a Dark Angel Captain, a Salamander Boss and Junior Khan into a warzone most Imperial Citizens would be aghast and delighted in equal measure, before being run over by Bikes, eaten by Wolves and turned into Flagellants. Such is their lot. 


But I promised to make a 100 power army out of whatever came out of the supply drop, albeit not expecting 4 special characters. So I'm changing the conditions slightly and I will make a 100 power army out of A FACTION of the supply drop, which is where I need your help, if you'll indulge. 


Truth be told, I don't like special/named characters. But, whilst Mephiston is a Legend, must be 25 years old or so in this hobby , Agatone and Lazarus are brand new. To me, anyway. So I don't want to do Blood Angels, but I could probably use Agatone and Lazarus. Does that make sense? They've never been part of my world so I can just make them generic Captains or Chapter Masters or whatever. Point is the Mephiston model looks like Mephiston and will never not be Mephiston, so I don't want it to not be Mephiston. The only way I want to include Mephiston, therefore, is to build the entire chapter. No.


I'm also completely ignoring the White Scar for several reasons - 1)  they are painted white which is too difficult to paint for me, 2) why he not on bike?! He's the second iteration of a white scar leader and neither have had bikes! What's all that about? Sammael of the Dark Angels got a jet bike before anyone else (model wise) but the leader of the white scars, based on mongol cavalry no less, can't get a bike?! 3) but the space wolves ride massive wolves and sleighs?! 4) it's mainly the white paint


I don't like Space Wolves either. Never have. But there's enough Wolf iconography out there to make the Fenrisian Wolf kit viable in a DIY chapter (Red Wolves maybe, Emperors Wolves, Hounds of Demos et al)


Bikes are bikes. Perfect for my non bike mounted white scar leader.

I really don't get it. It's their whole appeal. Why not put their leader on a bike? £25!!!


I also note that 'count as' is a bit frowned upon in this iteration of 40k. Unless Ive misunderstood (highly possible!) 

But; for clarity; I can only use Mephiston (e.g) if my army is painted Blood Angels, yes? To play legally or whatever. 

In my house it's my rules and you can use spoons as dreadnoughts so long as it's fun, but there are actually rules against using named characters in none parent armies now? 


Lastly but leastly, Flagellants for the Sisters. Not my bag, pls don't make me do it. 


Thank you for your time X




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Bryan Blaire

Bryan Blaire


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The keyword on Mephiston as Mephiston (same as all the named characters) is locked to Blood Angels. So if you want to use Mephiston with his rules, then yes, you have to use the Blood Angels Keyword.

Keywords aren't linked in the rules to a specific paint scheme - there's no 8th Edition rules that specifies these. However, lore-wise/narratively, yes, Blood Angels look a very specific way. There are going to be some objectors if you want to play the BA keyword but painted up as something else, and some may even try to say there's a rule that specifies this (but if you specifically ask them for the paint scheme rules, they won't be able to provide you any wording, because there isn't one). Realize that, while unlikely, the rules attached to paint scheme concept could change for 9th, and you could be required to use a certain paint scheme to get certain Keywords.

You can use multiple keywords in different Detachments, but you are going to lose the Keyword Battle-Forged tied rules benefits for the army.
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You could do a mono adeptus astartes detachment perhaps?
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Paint them black, stick Deathwatch pauldrons on them. Boom, now they're all part of one elite kill team. So what if some of them are crazy high ranked? Maybe they've been asked for by name by the highest authorities for a short-term extra important mission.
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Eh don't beat yourself up over it. Just paint them up as best you can to make them display peices with custom bases. They will look good on your desk and not as derpy as funko pops at least.
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Doctor Perils

Doctor Perils


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Have you considered going for Deathwatch? (Or Legio B&C for that matter :P) it would allow you to use all the characters with minor conversion (except for Mephiston, he'd require more work), and the bikers too.

EDIT: Mammoth got here before me

EDIT2: I also like megavolt's suggestion: use the characters to improve your painting skills, without committing to any one faction. If you find that you particularly enjoy painting one of them, paint the bikers in the same way :)
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chapter master 454

chapter master 454


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I don't think any could of predicted that GW was going to lump so many special characters into the drop so I wouldn't get too beat up. Like it seriously was a case of "buyer beware" with it and while the idea was fun, the contents aren't really usable for such a challenge. Just paint 'em up if you want, see what gels and rock on from there.

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Black Blow Fly

Black Blow Fly


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You can always do a Crusade Force. If you don’t like painting white try Ulthuan Grey.
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