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Starting Sisters of Battle? (like me?) ask questions here!

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The kit is absolutely gorgeous and you should get one on that basis alone.

It's a nice place to stash a unit of 'gotta have 3 troop choices' for ninja obsec late-game when you remember they exist.. And stave off Kill More a little longer.

It's another vehicle in the pool, if that's your thing, and another heavy bolter / multi-melta source if that's further your thing.

As any single of these reasons it doesn't hold up, but taken in aggregate it's a wonderful potato.
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Dear loyal servents of the Emperor,


i'm quite new to SoB and would really appreciate a little advice from you. 
I don't plan my army to be ultra competitve, more catering to a theme. But it would be great not to be stomped in every game.

The theme i want to go with is fanatism cranked up to 11. I imagine a smaller force of Sorroritas kind of hearding a mass of scraming fanatics into battle. So I want a lot of arco flagellants, Penitent Engines/Mortifiers and Repentia. Like they are guiding a peoples crusade to not being crushed in their first engagement.


I am not sure which order to choose, but i could imagine bloody rose would be appropriate. Will be using my own color sceme aniway.



At the moment I have only the starter box in models and I'm unsure how to expand it. Any advice welcome here.

Besides the main elements (flagellants, repentia ect.) I guess some heavy firepower like Excorcists/Retributers would be helpful, not to mention transports for these glascannons.


What do you think about the theme of the army?





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It sounds like you have a good idea of youre wanting. Youre actually going the other end from what i play. Mine is pretty much all sisters. Exorcist is the best tank in the game imho. So 2 is better. Retribs work remarkably well for me. Make sure if your taking so many arco and repentia to set up characters to buff them. Each unit has its place and will work well together. Hope this helps.

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I like the way they pop.





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A lot could change when Sisters get their new Codex; we don't know when that will be, but two new models- the Palatine and the Paragon Warsuit- have been previewed. Sisters are also featured in a box set called Piety and Pain, which might be up for pre-release with the new Dark Eldar Codex on March 20. The Sisters half of Piety and Pain includes the new Palatine model, an Immolator and a Retributor Squad. This doesn't exactly fit your theme, but it is the only way to get the Palatine model until GW decides to release her as a separate kit, and it is a good bundle of models, likely at a discount, especially if you can sell the Dark Eldar half of the box, or if you're interested in a small secondary force.


But to address your theme specifically, yes, Bloody Rose is probably the best faction for the sort of thing you're planning because so many of the fanatic types are close combat oriented. You've got a Cannoness, a Repentia Superior, 4 Repentia, 3 Arcoflagellants and a Penitent Engine- all totally in theme. You've also got a ten strong unit of Battle Sisters and 5 Seraphim as support. By my reckoning, that's 20 PL right there, so you need 5 more to start a Crusade.


Technically, you've got all the standard Battle Sisters you need to support the fluff you're you're looking for, but I'd still say your first purchase should be a box of Battle Sisters. The ten you already have are locked loadout; the Battle Sisters box gives you so many options, making it possible for you to field several configurations of units- 10/10 and 5/5/10 being the most common... But keep in mind you could also build 5 as Dominions or 5 as Celestians. Something to keep in mind though: 9th is petty objective-heavy and BSS is the only ob-sec we've got.


Either way, once you've got that box, it's time to get down to the stuff you really want to talk about...


First up, I think you're going to want a Missionary. As a second HQ choice, he unlocks the Battalion detachment for you, depending on how you allot your 20 BSS. He also makes all of your Battle Conclave units slot-less. And finally... War Hymns. If you run him with Arco-flagellants, they get +1 attack so even just the with the three you already have, you're getting 10d3 attacks, and if you use the Extremis Trigger Word strat, that jumps to a flat 30 attacks. Needless to say, another good purchase is a box of Arco-flagellants. 


Next up, I might go with a box of Penitent Engines. If you build them as Penitent Engines, they give you options with the one you already have- you could build one unit of 3, or field three solos. But truth be told, I prefer Mortifiers with heavy bolters. They don't have <Order> or Acts of Faith, but they are Adepta Sororitas, while Penitent Engines are not. This means Mortifiers get Rites of Battle and access to some key strategems. 


Another box of Repentia is nice too- more of that tactical flexibility with what you already have.


That should be enough to make the army look and feel like you want it to feel. From there, play and buy what you need based on the gaps you see. Keep your eyes open for upcoming Combat Patrol boxes- they may contain small numbers of Arcos and Repentia, and would be a less expensive way to augment those elements of your army.


If by chance you're a Blackstone Fortress player and you have the models, Taddeus the Purifier, and Pious Vorne from the base box and Gotfrett de Montbard are really, really nice for kitting out this kind of Battle Conclave.


Unfortunately Death Cult Assassins and Crusaders haven't been updated yet... though the afore mentioned Gotfrett de Montbard and the Knosso Prond model from Kill Team: Rogue Trader suggest that plastic concept work for both has been done. Hopefully we get that in the same wave as the Paragon... They did say we were getting other stuff, so we'll see.




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Your theme will work just fine.  It is very similar to a list I ran with the Witch Hunter codex.  Arcos, Penitent Engines, and all of the rest of the options that weren't sisters from that codex.  It was fun and effective back then.  Today we have even more options to make it viable.


A list I'm building with a similar theme is.



2 x Priest

3 x 2 Crusaders

3 x 10 Arco

3 x 4 Penitent Engines

3 x 4 Mortifiers


The extra priests are to spread the +1A and Battle Hymns around to everyone.  The crusaders are mostly for actions, but 6 dudes with Power Swords and Storm Shields are useful for so many things.  The 54 blenders are for making coleslaw.

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