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Emperor's Children - Hobby Progress

hobby paint emperors children

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Verbal Underbelly

Verbal Underbelly


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Thank you. The photographs are a bit poor actually. It looks a lot better in real life - hopefully I can work on it again soon and take some properly lit images for you.




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Yeah, I think you did a good job matching your infantry paint scheme to the vehicle, even in the picture.  I look forward to seeing it develop.

Slave to Darkness

Slave to Darkness


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Haven't been able to post recently as I have a new son. 



What happened to the old one? Did you upgrade??


Congrats btw, I hope you get some uninterrupted hobby time soon and dont forget to sleep as well. 

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Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends. There is a secret song at the centre of the world, and its sound is like razors through flesh.


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"If you mean, "Are we all going to get killed?" Yes. Clearly, Guilliman is about to make yet another gargantuan effort to move his drinks cabinet six inches closer to the Cicatrix." Captain Blackadder


Angel of Death

Angel of Death


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I wish I'd made a note of how I'd lit the previous model - these photos aren't as good. I've finished a noise marine now and I'm pretty happy. I haven't painted the lenses yet, I'm going to paint a few before I decide what colour to do them.


Somebody previously mentioned the bases so I added a bit more interest on them.


50435986216_9059c1a07d_b.jpgEC_NM_001Front by Christopher Dean, on Flickr


50435295928_d3ffddca07_b.jpgEC_NM_001Side by Christopher Dean, on Flickr


50436156262_e26541b4c1_b.jpgEC_NM_001Rear by Christopher Dean, on Flickr

This looks really cool. The mesh up between khorne berzerkers and slaanesh painting style looks really cool.


Im a pure slaanesh painter and player. Ive been collecting some chaos models too.


My main army is haemonculi covens. Thats my serious mode army. But as a side project, ive been collecting a slaanesh army with angels of ecstacy theme. Its going to be a more fun-oriented army, with some daemons and maybe even a keeper of secrets in it. I know people at my club love when people do fun-oriented armies, there is absolutely no shame in creating an army that isnt strong in a competitive way, but that everyone LOVES to play against.


But with chaos, you really cant go wrong in any way :) The codices is ridiculously strong. Im running lots and lots of psykers for my army, and the painting scheme is very similar to the one you have. Except much more light pink colors.

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Lovely models! I really like your magenta/purple
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