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Starting some Crusades! - 08/12 bright green Space Marines!

Chaos Black Legion Sisters of Battle

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Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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Excellent work on the Sisters.
Wolf Scout- Catachan barking toad eggs+ Thousand Sons Marine= Fun! (Wolves of Catachan)

Warhammer 40,000+ Star Wars- Rian Johnson- Reylo= AWESOME! (Knights of Renaissance)

Reasons to use the Steel Crusaders ('Codex: Space Marines' supplement) or the Iron-hearted Angels ('Codex: Blood Angels' supplement): Because you think giving Sternguard Veterans a heavy bolter wtih special issue HEAVY BOLTER ammunition is ALMOST as much fun as shoehorning an Earthshaker cannon into a Land Raider.




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A small update with more Subjugators!


3 Marines are nearly done now. I've used them to practice some freehand via the squad markings and chapter symbol. Just the bases and the auspex scanner to finish up and these should be done!




Some quick snaps of the freehand practice! Not exactly even, but I didn't fancy spending another hour or two in getting them perfect. I imagine the more I paint, the better they will get. I did mess up the first one as I was following an Imperial Fists tutorial, only to realise the thumb is on the other side for Subjugators later!




I managed to get these 3 Models for cheap off of eBay to practice the scheme and see if I like it. Safe to say I think it's working well! I also managed to grab a couple of Primaris Lieutenants, and have converted one in to the Sergeant for the squad. He's still in the basecoating stage, but should have him done soonish:-




A simple head and weapon swap, and a Power Fist from the Assault Intercessors box I recently purchased. Once he's done, I'll move on to the choppy squad! I also acquired the updated Space Marine Codex, and can't currently decide on what Chapter Tactics would suite the Subjugators best. They are an Imperial Fists Successor, but I don't feel that their Chapter Tactics fit them that well. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!


That's all for now. C&C welcome.





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