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2500 White Scars Recon Company

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Thanks to finally moving house in April, Covid quarantine, and Forgeworld releasing a transfer sheet, I can finally start the White Scars army of my dreams rather than just hording models I may use.  I've got the two Javelin's, a Kyzagan, the Storm Eagle, power armored scouts, and sky slayer squad painted up so far.


Everything either has scout or can deep strike.  The Praetor and Chaplain go in the dedicated transport storm eagle with the scouts and will try to bully backfield units or pick up an objective where needed, and I'd otherwise plan to play as you'd expect from White Scars by trying to kite my opponents while the bikes and speeders pick apart the most dangerous units, though I'm unsure if the 3 Kyzagan speeders are overkill since they're in a squadron.


++  Crusade (Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List) [2,500pts] ++

+ HQ +

Chaplain [110pts]: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs, On Foot, Power Axe, Refractor Field

Praetor, Legion [200pts]: Artificer Armour, Cyber-hawk, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo, Melta Bombs, On Foot, Paragon Blade, Power Fist, Warlord

+ Elites +

Apothecarion Detachment [45pts]
. Apothecary, Legion: Power Armour. Chainsword or Combat Blade:

+ Troops +

Reconnaissance Squad [235pts]: 9x Bolter, Cameleoline, Nuncio-Vox, Recon Armour, 9x Space Marines
. Sergeant, Legion: Bolter

Reconnaissance Squad [235pts]: 9x Bolter, Cameleoline, Nuncio-Vox, Recon Armour, 9x Space Marines
. Sergeant, Legion: Bolter

Reconnaissance Squad [435pts]: Power Armour, 9x Shotgun, 9x Space Marines, Legion
. Sergeant, Legion: Power Sword, Space Marine Shotgun
. Storm Eagle Assault Gunship, Legion: Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, Twin-linked Lascannon x 2, Vengeance Launcher

+ Fast Attack +

Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron, Legion [130pts]
. Javelin Attack Speeder: Heavy Bolter, 2x Hunter-killer Missile, Twin-linked Cyclone missile launcher
. Javelin Attack Speeder: Multi-melta, Twin-linked Cyclone missile launcher

Seeker Squad [585pts]: 8x Seeker Space Marines
. Additional Wargear: 8x Combi-Plasma, Nuncio-vox
. Land Raider Proteus: Armoured Ceramite, Explorator Augury Web, Hull-Mounted Twin-Linked Lascannon, 2x Twin-linked Lascannon Sponsons
. Strike Leader, Legion: Artificer Armour. Power Axe:


White Scars Kyzagan Assault Speeder [315pts]: 3 of them, stock build

+ Heavy Support +

Jetbike Sky Slayer Support Squadron, Legion [210pts]: Multi-melta, 4x Space Marine Sky Slayers

Legion and Allegiance:    V: White Scars, Loyalist

Rite of War: Recon Company, Legion

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