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Building a fluffy but strong WS fifth brotherhood army?

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Long time White Scars fan + player here, played them alot in 5th and am slowly returning to 40k with 9th edition. I think I've loved them since I was introduced to them in Index Astartes in WD140.


Anyway, I bought the White Scars supplement and thought I'd try something else than what seems to be the go-to WS units - Bladeguard, assault intercessors, Kor'sarro etc. I got a strong feel for the fifth brotherhood, which focuses on Stormseers, Vanguard (assuming this means the Phobos units) and generally *hitting a target with everything at once*.


So I thought I'd base the army around two Phobos Librarians and try to utilize their powers as much as possible. One using Temporal Corridor and Tenebrous Curse, one using Blasting Gale/Ride the Winds/Storm-wreathed. I like the idea of crowd control, mass medium range shooting, before moving in and finishing them off - standard mongol procedure, if you will. I got one lib, 2x5 assault bolter intercessors and 3 outriders so far and am pretty set for 6 plasma inceptors, the rest is up for discussion.



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So I've just sliced my finger while scraping some flash....its pretty deep I can tell... What shall I do?

Naturally, post on an internet forum about it.

WIP White Scars, close to 750 points atm.





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Turn 2 reiver bomb with adaptive strategy?




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10-man Vanguard with Jump Packs and Dual Lightning Claws. Chief Librarian with Mantle of the Stormseer, and the powers Ride the Winds, and Storm Wreathed only needing a 4 on 2d6 to cast. Master of Sanctity with Plume of the Plainstrider, and Exhortation of Rage and Mantra of Hate. Captain somewhere else on the field with Adaptive Strategy.

51 re-roll to hit, re-roll to wound attacks at str 4 + 1 to wound AP -3 d2. Turn 1 that gets you +1 Advance +3 Charge, turn two +3 advance and charge.

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