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IL XVIII - Star Lords

Alternate Heresy Five Ruins Brotherhood of the Lost

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The Star Lords

"Who do we serve? 

-The Emperor for he is eternal! 

What are we? 

-We are the Emperor's will made manifest! 

What is our purpose? 

-To bring the Emperor's wrath to his enemies! 

Who are we? 

-We are the Star lords! We rule the stars! And through us the Emperor's foes will fall! --Battle Chant of the Star Lords

Numeration: XVIIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Caelum Vigilat

Cognomen (Prior): Knights of the Sun

Observed Strategic Tendencies: Ship-borne Assaults and Boarding Operations, Close Quarters Actions, and Linebreaker Assaults

Noteworthy Domains: The Omega-17 Administrative Domain (a semi-autonomous political realm under the direct supervision of the Star Lords by writ of the Emperor's own hand, comprising a region of space designated by Lord Vigilat's origin point). Primary Legion Headquarters occupied the Omega-17 orbital facility from which the Star Lords oversaw nine different star systems, eighteen secondary recruitment systems, and dozens of watch-outposts and minor garrisons.

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


Star Lords Armorial with legion iconography

Star Lords Legionary




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A piece of wargear recently completed for it's owner, Astrum, we have the Starstorm Shield


Starstorm Shield


Thought impracticable by some, the Starstorm Shield is the specialised shield used by the Star Lords terminators. Already clad in the venerable Saturnine armour developed from the Jovian shipyards themselves, the shield provides further armouring of the veteran marines during boarding actions, as well as some extra functionality. Through this the terminators of the XVIIIth Legion march inexorably into the deepest and most dangerous passageways of enemy ships as a relentless wall of armour.



Designed as an enlarged tower shield similar to the boarding shields found within the armouries of various legions, the Starstorm's armour is provided by a solid block of adamantium forged to shape. This shield alone is wide enough to cover the width of the Saturnine armour almost entirely, leaving the edge of the pauldrons -one of the most heavily armoured sections- poking out from the sides. In terms of height it is much the same, leaving only the top of the pauldrons exposed alongside the heavy weapon, which conveniently has an unobstructed view over it.

Usually sporting ornate designs involving XVIIIth Legion iconography the detailing on the front of the shield has several visual augur's inset into the designs. These augurs act as the primary method of detection while the terminator has his shield raised, feeding the data through the connection on his arm to his auto-senses within the helmet. Though this method is impressive however, a secondary system has been built in to allow for redundancy should the augurs become fouled somehow. This secondary method is a small window built into the top of the shield itself. The window itself is transparisteel -the same material starship windows are made from- and covered by a fold-up plate of adamantium that can be retracted with a blink-click. Protected like this the marine can still effectively survey the battlefield without exposing himself, even if the act of 'exposing oneself' in Saturnine armour may seem silly in practice.

The real trick of the Starstorm however, lies not in it's build, the armour carrying it or it's sighting system, it is instead in it's adaptability. Each Starstorm shield has a set of 4 further adamantium plates bolted onto the back of the shield itself. Each of these four rectangular plates are set so that when they extend, they overlap each other, pivoting out from one of the four corners of the shield. Orientated in the correct method these plates can cover almost double the width of the original shield itself, and therein lies it's strength. Each saturnine Terminator armed with a Starstorm Shield can cover a significant portion of an access way or corridor when moving within a starship, a squad of them in formation can block off whole arterial passageways. The Starstorm was developed as a method of allowing the minimum amount of terminators to cover the largest area, shielding their squad mates and allies in the process. With the variable movement of the extra adamantium plates they can even be configured to provide gun-slots for themselves and allies, allowing them to fire through while providing maximum protection possible.

This strength does come at a price however, the shields themselves are heavy, even for saturnine armour, and slow down the terminators somewhat with their use. Another problem arises in the form of power fields. The power field of a Starstorm is a significant thing, and must be distanced from the shields of their brethren to avoid and unnecessary discharges. These discharges can be potent,and before the implementation of appropriate formations, would cause the energy-fields of both shields to overload, requiring them to be restarted. To this end when the terminators do form up into a defensive line, they do so in a staggered line with two ranks, every alternating terminator distanced far enough away from his brothers to avoid accident, but close-knit enough to provide maximum protection.

A veritable moving fortress, the Starstorm can only be wielded effectively by the heavy servos of the Saturnine armour being both mechanically and magnetically mounted to the marine's arm. Barring other walkers such as dreadnoughts or multiple marines in standard power armour, it is better served as cover to hide behind should it's Saturnine wielder not be present.

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