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Tyranids V Salamanders | Open Play | Hold Them At all Costs!

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Hive Fleet Ghidra Attacks! The Salamanders make a selfless decision to let the citizens of GIDRACHROS II escape in their transport as they stay behind to form a last stand against the horrendous forces of the Ghidra fleet.
Hey friends! Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. For our first match of 2021, we decided to tryout a narrative approach and played one of the Open Play missions from the 9th Ed BRB.
It was a TON of fun and felt very thematic on the tabletop. This was additionally great prep/research for the upcoming campaign between my Tyranids and the Salamanders.
Let me know if you all would like to see more narrative style matches. I tried my best to make it as "balanced" as possible, but it certainly is challenging to find the right grove to ensure the match is entertaining without being one-sided (thankfully our game didn't suffer from this)!
A very short narrative intro is included in the video description.
Tyranids Vs Salamanders
Open Play 
Hold at All Costs

 5850 Pts Tyranids         2850 Pts Ultramarines

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