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Dark Indomitable Vengeance

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Dr. Clock

Dr. Clock


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Well, it's finally on: my Storm Lords have officially hit 2000+ points and I'm gonna smash them into my buddy's Crons tomorrow...


The list (2035pts) is basically 'Dark Imperium +Indomitus + a few random things':


Gravis Captain (Warlord: Rites of Battle)

Chaplain (Hero of the Chapter: Master of Snares)

Khan on Bike (Plume of the plainsrunner - the only oldmarine in the list, represented by Jetek Suberei)


2x5 Assault Intercessors (sword + fist)

10 Intercessors (bolt rifles; sword)


Bladeguard Ancient (Eagle Banner)


5 Blade guard (3 Indomitus + indomitus captain and lieutenant)

2x5 Reivers (grav/grapnel)


3 Bolter Inceptors

3 plasma Inceptors

3 Outriders


5 Hellblasters (assault incinerators)

3 Eradicators


Ordered 2 Storm Speeders because obviously.


Interested in thoughts on the list - I have more 10 more Assault Intercessors and 3 Outriders + another Indomitus Capt. and Lieutenant in the pipe as well.


Pic or it didn't happen


SLords 2k copy


For the Mehrig Khan! The Storm is come!




The Good Doctor



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These are the droids we are looking for.




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Congratulations! And good luck. Let us know how it goes. :tu:

Click to see....
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Dr. Clock

Dr. Clock


  • 493 posts
  • Faction: Doom Weasels

Khan be praised! The xeno-threat is defeated!


I went second on Scorched Earth. We called it bottom of turn four... His dice were short, but he also didn't commit hard enough to movement shenanigans, or the Ancient Treasures secondary... 5 Immortals from the Scythe was not enough to threaten forward, and basically he yielded the centre to my Bladeguard/Ancient/Judiciar combo after they wiped a Warrior squad...


He also went for a left push with the Skorpekhs to chase my right hook of Khan plus outriders instead of trying to stop the Bladeguard Deathball, but in the process basically also folded his right flank to my Hellblasters/Gravis Captain, and the Immortals + Warden who showed up on my rear left were not actually up to taking down that many Intercessors and Reivers lol.


He tried to push a Skorpekh Lord through the right Reivers, but was not able to wipe them and the Chaplain promptly rolled up and crumped it in one with 3 damage 3 attacks getting through.


My Eradicators were basically... forgotten (moved on turn three and promptly forgot to shoot them at the Scythe), but Inceptors are the absolute business.


Also realized partway through the game that probably I should have put the Khan in a separate detachment because of the new Captain Rules (at least v. likely RAI), so I happily just paid the 3 CP. He was MVP, riding straight over 5 Praetorians in turn 2 and then chipping down their Overlord.


The Mehrig Khan himself also got some kicks in, Jenkinsing into 15 warriors and a Reanimator which he killed top of round 4.




Oath of Moment; Assassinate; All Fronts


Few pics at the link:






The Good Doctor.

These are the droids we are looking for.

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