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Alpha Lords -- Your equipment?

Chaos Chaos Space Marines Alpha Legion Chaos Lord

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Iron Father Ferrum

Iron Father Ferrum


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So I'm curious how everyone equips their Chaos Lords for 9th edition.  I might actually have the opportunity to start playing again soon, so I'm whipping up lists and such and prepping my models.  Going off just what I have now, I could field the Kranon/DV Lord as plasma pistol/Shadeblade though I'll probably stick with my Terminator Lord with Viper's Bite and Headhunter at first (to drop in with Termies or Oblits).


If you've got something fancy or unexpected to show off, I'd like to see it!

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I run a Chaos Lord with a power sword (I like the look of my mini) and Faceless Commander (whatever the redeploy trait is) to babysit my Chosen and follow them with Renascent Infiltration. I have run a Chaos Lord with Viper's Bite and Headhunter, but it doesn't do much and I do it more because it's thematic. Very few characters are weak enough to be killed for it to be worth the investment, but obviously your mileage may vary!



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