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Talons of the Emperor ~ 2000 points

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Hey guys, 


I’ve been thinking of making a talons army as I like a lot of the models and it’d be an interesting painting project. I’d like to be able to play some enjoyable games without the list feeling too weak or strong. There doesn’t seem to be many Talons lists on the forum for inspiration or ideas, so I’ve just gone for it!


feedback is most welcome, my experience with Talons is very limited



Oblivion knight centura, paragon blade



Contemptor Achilles, dreadspear, TL adrathic destructor

3 aquilon terminators, lastrum storm bolters, solarite power gauntlets, teleportation transponders 



9 vigilators, acquistor

5 custodian guards, 5 adrasite spears, teleportation transponders 


Fast attack

3 agamatus jet bikes, 3 adrathic destructors

3 venatari, 1 venatari lance  


Heavy support

Caladiums grav tank, illiastus cannon


1998 points 



It feels odd to have such low numbers in the custodes units, are they effective in minimum squad sizes? I know that the shield captain is the better generic hq choice, but I’d like to use the sisters hq at 2000 points if it’s viable. I’m also not sure which company cadre benefit would be best?


Thanks for reading 





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Ive minimal experience with Custodes in 7th as i tend to run all Sisters but that looks solid, things are fast, transported or teleporting and a good range of fire types.

If you are transporting them the best Cadre benefit ive largely found is the +1 combat res one, it proves surprisingly decisive sometimes unless you are up against stubborn or fearless things. Stealth is handy for a shooty detachment (not their strong suit) and infiltrate is good if you dont have Acquisitors. Crusader im deeply meh on.

Hope it goes well for you, or some Custodes types come to advise :)  

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