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Index Militarum: Kyboro Grenadiers (WIP)

Astra Militarum WIP Obscurus Segmentum Fimial Sector Vostroyan uniforms

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Sergeant Lowe

Sergeant Lowe


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Kyboro Grenadiers


The Kyboro Grenadiers are elite regiments recruited from the planet Kyboro. They are chosen from the best the Kyboro Planetary Defence Forces has to offer and are utilised as heavy infantry. The Grenadiers are part of the Shenandoah Division and are one of the regiments that form the The Shenandoah Brigade.



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Home world

The planet Kyboro is an industrial ice world and is the fourth planet in the Shenandoah system



Grenadier regiments are formed into four companies, which are comprised of a command section and four platoons, two infantry and two recon. 


The infantry platoons have approximately 95 men in them, broken up into infantry and fire support squads. The infantry squads are then further defined as either line or support, with the only difference being in how they are equipped. Line squads are equipped for mobility, whereas support squads are equipped for static deployment .


The recon platoons are comprised of three Sentinel squadrons and a command section. The exact make up of the squadrons in each platoon varies, but they all have at least one Scout squadron.



The grenadiers favour longer range weapons, with sniper rifles and grenade launchers being prevalent. However the regiment’s veteran squads are almost entirely equipped with flamers for closer range fighting. Due to the fact that the regiments are chosen from the best the planet has to offer they are issued with the best equipment and weapons.


The regiment wears Vostroyan pattern uniforms. It is unknown as to how this happened, but there is a legend that claims a regiment of Vostroyans helped to defend the planet and were given settlement rights as a reward and the uniform was adopted by the planet’s PDF to honour them.


Tactics and Doctrine

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Notable  Regiments
  • 99th Kyboro Grenadiers: 



The Grenadiers are drawn from the best of the Kyboran Planetary Defence Forces. It is seen as a great honour to be one of those chosen to join the Grenadiers



The regiment wears dark green, almost black fatigues and light tan armour. They wear grey fur hats that are as effective as helmets worn by other regiments. Officers and veterans wear the same uniform, but their hats are a darker shade of grey, with officers wearing the darkest ones.




  • Shenandoah Knights – The Shenandoah Knight are an Adeptus Astartes chapter whose home is the Shenandoah sub-sector.
  • Order of the Emerald Rose – The Order of the Emerald Rose are an Adepta Sororitas order whose home world is located within the Shenandoah sub-sector.
  • Atlantica Brigade – The Atlantica Fusiliers are infantry regiments. .
  • Shenandoah Dragons – The Shenandoah Dragons are Militarum Tempestus regiments. They have fought alongside the Grenadiers on many occasions.
  • Urangara Brigade
  • Shalador Brigade
  • Shenandoah Rifles


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