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Pasting images returns an error

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Reclusiarch Krieg

Reclusiarch Krieg


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When you copy-paste some image (not file, just buffered image, like an instant screenshot or Windows function "Shift + Win + S"), then paste it into the post editing box, it gets pasted in properly, as if you used an img tag on an external link.

However, once you go to post, the editor returns an error saying that "you're not allowed to use this image extension". What file format is this getting auto saved as that it's not permitted and why?

Can we please get this working?




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Could you please copy/paste the link here so we can have a look at it? It's likely because there is stuff after the .png or .jpg extension, or the image doesn't have the correct extension.


Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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This isn't a bug. The software is designed to process images based on their URLs (i.e., their locations on the web). The software can't process an image that you paste into a post, whether it's a screenshot, an image you copy off the web, or an image that is otherwise copied from your clipboard.

When you are editing a post, the software editor takes what you've pasted and shows it to you [if you're in the WYSIWYG editor], but if that content is an image pasted from your clipboard, the software will return the error when it attempts to process the content that you've pasted (i.e., if you look at a preview, switch to the text editor, or submit the post). If you try to paste a screenshot in while using the text editor, nothing will happen.
This is the way the way the software is designed to work and is a remnant of earlier Internet conventions. This might change with the new software since social media conventions with regard to image sharing have evolved, but I'll have to take a closer look at the specs before I commit to that.
For now, if you want to share screenshots and the like, you'll need to upload the image to the web somewhere in order to have a URL for the image; and you'll be restricted to certain file extensions (.gif, .jpg, and .png are the go-to image file extensions).


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