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Terminatory IronFire

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Lord Krungharr

Lord Krungharr


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  • Location:Woodridge, IL, USA
  • Faction: Iron Warriors

I'll be able to field this soon, should be fun!



Terminators Iron Fire
Legiones Astartes

Master of Signalartificer armourvolkite serpentamelta bombsrefractor field 125

Erasmus GolgRite of War (The Ironfire) 175

Siege Breaker in Terminator armourphosphex bomb; Terminator armour (Cataphractii); combi-weaponchainfist 157

5 Terminators: Terminator Sergeant (combi-bolterchainfist); 4 Terminators; Terminator armour (Cataphractii); 4 × power fist 205

5 Terminators: Terminator Sergeant (power weapon); 4 Terminators; Terminator armour (Cataphractii); 4 × power weapon 175

5 Terminators: Terminator Sergeant (combi-weaponpower weapongrenade harness); 4 Terminators; Terminator armour (Tartaros); 3 × combi-bolterpower fistchainfistheavy flamer 217

2 Quad Launcher Rapier Carriers: quad launcher (shatter shells140

2 Quad Launcher Rapier Carriers 120

Quad Launcher Rapier Carrier: quad launcher (phosphex canister shot80

8 Tyrant Siege Terminators: Tyrant Siege Master; 7 Tyrant Siege Terminators 445

Artillery Tank Squadron
• Medusa: hull-mounted heavy bolter (shrapnel bolts); extra armour 160

1,999 points

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