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3k Dark Angels Steel Fist or Armored Breakthrough List

Dark Angels Horus Heresy Warhammer 30k

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Cris R

Cris R


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Update: simplified list of units I want in the list and extras that I don't need but could consider


I now have enough Dark Angels infantry to put together a tank-heavy list using the Steel Fist, Armored Breakthrough, Armored Spearhead, or Pride of the Legion RoWs and wanted to get ideas for lists with these RoWs. At this point, I'm interesting in fielding lots of Land Raiders, a few Sicarans, and maybe one Spartan for my HQ and his Deathwing Companions.


Here are the primary units I want to choose from for this list. They're unassembled, so I've got a lot of flexibility to adapt them to this list.

- 1 Dark Angels Cataphractii Praetor with a Volkite charger or 1 Kitbashed Dark Angels Tartaros Praetor with a combi-grenade launcher. Both have access to a Terranic Greatsword or Thunder Hammer.
- 5 to 10 Inner Circle Cenobium Knights with access to Thunder Hammers and Terranic Greatswords
- 5 to 10 Plastic Cataphractii Terminators with the option to take Power Axes and Thunder Hammers. I can convert five to Deathwing Companions.
- 5 Plastic Tartaros Terminators with the option to take Power Axes and Thunder Hammers. I can convert them to Deathwing Companions.
- 30 MkIII Tactical Marines that I could run as Vets, Tacts, or Support Squads.

In addition to these units, I've also got the following ones that I could pop in if folks have a good idea to incorporate them into this list:


- 1 Dark Angels Contemptor with access to two Close Combat Weapons, Contemptor Chain Fist, and a Multi-Melta. The CCW and Chain Fist have access to every shooting weapon option.

- 1 Plastic Contemptor that I will kit bash to access resin FW weapons
- 10 Interemptors

- 10 Breachers with access to Flamers


I don't need a detailed list but any advice on directions I can take the list are welcome, especially when it comes to finding ways to save points to have a comprehensive list. Thanks!

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