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Great Heathen Army - Space Wolves, 2000 pts

space wolves

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  • Location:Huntsville, Alabama
  • Faction: Space Wolves, Ultramarines

Primaris Lieutenant with Storm Shield and Neo-Volkite Pistol, Armour of Russ
Primaris Chief Librarian, Tempest's Wrath, Storm Caller and Instincts Awoken
Ragnar Blackmane, Warlord



Assault Intercessors w/ a Power Fist on the Sarge
ABR Intercessors



3x Bladeguard Vets
Redemptor w/ Plasma
Ven. Dread w/ Shield and Axe
Ven. Dread w/ Assault Cannon and Great Wolf Claw

WG Termies w/ Assault Cannon and two Chainfists



3x Outriders



Heavy Support:

2x Squads of Long Fangs, 1 all Lascannons and 1 equal split in Missile Launchers/Lascannons




Just shy of 2000 pts. Basic plan is as follows. Ragnar and the Lieutenant, accompanied by Bladeguard Vets, jump in the Impulsor. Under cover of the Librarian, the AC Dread, and the Long Fangs, the main body of the force advances to melee. Terminators deep strike where needed to break enemy lines. 

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