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Fanmade =][= Ordo Minoris

Ordo Minoris Inquisition Inquisitorial Ordos

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Ordo Minoris, the lesser ordos of the Inquisition. There are no set number for them, giving us, the fans and the players, free reins to create over own. Or develop the minor ordos since most of them have only a sentence to their name (which sometime is "Unknown purpose").

When it comes to size have the Ordo Militarum been described as large by the standards of minor Inquisition factions, with over 500 Inquisitors currently active, while Ordo Necros only have 5 members.

This thread here is for me to list, with links, others' fanmade ordos or discussions on established ones, togheter with my own, as a way to have them all (or rather gateways to them all) in one place.



+ Fanmade Ordo Minoris +
Ordo Agricola - Oversees Agri worlds, food production, trade and shipping. [by me, Gamiel]
Ordo Arcanum - Monitor the Ordos Malleus and Hereticus, in order to keep the threat of corruption at bay. They are also responsible for studying and devising counters for the arcane powers of the warp. [by our own Ulrik_Ironfist]
Ordo Explorator - Keep tabs on Mechanicus Explorator Fleets and Rogue Traders. Also monitor the Ordo Xenos, for xenophilic tendencies. [by our own Ulrik_Ironfist]
Ordo Foramennigrum - Tries to uncover the different reason why Space Marines have fallen to Chaos or had to be declared Renegade, and what Chapters Chaos Warbands ones was or belonged to. [by me, Gamiel]

Ordo Lucrum - Oversees the efficient usage of the imperium's resources. [by Rairaijin]
Ordo Opscuros - Monitoring the black ships, notorious for their incarnationist agenda. [by Johan Egerkrans a.k.a. Jeff Vader - have also appeared in White Dwarf 2017 February issue]

Ordo Redactor - Goes around deleting files in the Imperium’s archives that are seen as not fitting with the offical line of what happened or is going on. [by Andy Hoare (possibly, see second post below)]

Ordo Scorpius [you have to scrole down a bit to get to the info about them] - The ordo to kill all other ordos, in case of extreme danger and threat to the Imperiumme. [by Lukas Adolfsson]
Ordo Thoth - Tries to uncover the mystery of the Horus Heresy. [by me, Gamiel]
Ordo Trask - Oversees abhumans. [by me, Gamiel]

+ Fanon regarding established Ordo Minoris + 
Ordo Scriptorum - is developed by Migs of the IRON SLEET here 

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Brother Tyler

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Ah, these would be great additions to the [still unfinished*] Tabula Inquisitio.


* I got distracted after I started adding the individual named Inquisitors.

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Have added some fanmade Ordos to the OP:

Ordo Lucrum - Oversees the efficient usage of the imperium's resources. [by Rairaijin]

Ordo Scorpius [you have to scrole down a bit to get to the info about them] - The ordo to kill all other ordos, in case of extreme danger and threat to the Imperiumme. [by Lukas Adolfsson]

Ordo Redactor - Goes around deleting files in the Imperium’s archives that are seen as fitting with the offical line of what happened or is going on. [by Andy Hoare (possibly, see below)]




Also, regarding Ordo Chronos did Andy Hoare, according to the internet, make a blogpost about them (which is no longer accessible therefore I cannot verify if what's quoted is true), here is what others (I have found the quote in more than one place) have said master Hoare wrote:


Friday, 25 February 2011 Existential cogitations on the Inquisitorial Ordos

Scanning the interwebs recently I came upon a discussion on a minor piece of background (sand-boxed to the Fantasy Flight Games setting) relating to an arm of the Inquisition that I myself am responsible for creating, and it was interesting to see people’s reactions to it and their theories as to just why it was created. The discussion reminded me of my own chain of thought during the writing of the piece in question, so I thought I’d write a blog entry on the subject.

The arm of the Inquisition in question is the Ordo Chronos, and it first appeared in the Dark Heresy: Ascension supplement. It came into existence not as a random whimsy or any desire to introduce a Time Lord-like archetype into Warhammer 40,000, but, initially at least, as a response to a design challenge. When we wrote Ascension, Games Workshop’s Manager of Intellectual Property, Alan Merrett, provided us with an overview of the current standing of the Inquisition. Alan’s document was thorough and presented a guide for writers working on any subject relating to the Inquisition, ensuring we all knew which themes were worth pursuing and which weren’t. One piece of wisdom addressed the question of Inquisitorial Ordos, stating that there are three which we really care about and should focus on, but that others do exist, if only for a short time or specific place.

This got me thinking, because I’ve always felt that the three Ordos cover between them every single threat to the Imperium we could possibly imagine. What enemy of Mankind couldn’t be encompassed within the mandate of the Ordo Hereticus (the Enemy Within), the Ordo Xenos (the Enemy Without) or the Ordo Melleus (the Enemy Beyond)?

In the past, both writers and players have invented other Ordos, but to be honest, they’ve never really ringed true to me. We’ve had the Ordo Sicarius, established to look out for and deal with rogue assassins, but wouldn’t that be a job for the Ordo Hereticus? We’ve had other Ordos described as dealing with all sorts of other things, including Plague Zombies, which to me would fall under the remit of the Ordo Malleus, being products of Chaos. To me, the three main Ordos exist to combat truly existential threats to the Imperium and to Mankind, and so any new ones we invent should do so too, and be clearly delineated.

So what existential threats might exist beyond the three already covered by the main Ordos? I could think of two, and I’m quite sure others will be able to come up with more. The first is the notion of time distortion, a phenomenon already seeded into the Warhammer 40,000 oeuvre via the hazards of miscalculated warp jumps. That’s why I created the Ordo Chronos – not as some huge, fanfared plot device, but as a nice little example of the sort of threat that should, in my view, merit an Ordo all its own.

To return to the discussions I was reading about the Ordo Chronos, some people did seem to view them as one-dimensional, 40k Time Lords. That’s not the case at all, as after all, existing to combat the effects of time distortion doesn’t mean they bring it about. However, as Inquisitors they would be just as subject to factionalism as their peers. Perhaps Puritan Ordo Chronos Inquisitors (‘Time Hunters’?) ruthlessly hunt down anyone who has fallen prey of a mistimed warp jump, just in case anything happens to alter the Imperium’s fate. Equally, perhaps Radical Time Hunters seek to utilise heretical technologies, and consider changing the course of history a valid way of keeping the Imperium alive? Just imagine the wars that these two factions could be fighting without the rest of the Imperium ever even knowing about it!

Sounds cool to me, so as a hobbyist, I want to know what these guys might look like. Perhaps they’re a bit steam punkish, with cog emblems, huge mechanical goggles, idiosyncratic technologies and eccentric costumes? Maybe the Radicals are accompanied by all sorts of riff raff washed up by the tides of space-time? I can certainly picture a little ‘Victorian sci-fi’ here, but maybe that’s just me!

What of the other existential threat then? Well, this one is a little vague, but Stewart Brand once said something along the lines that ‘information wants to be free’, and in the Imperium, the ultimate oppressive state, that would make it pretty dangerous. Dangerous enough to warrant an entire Ordo to keep it under control? Maybe! Who do you think it is that goes around deleting files in the Imperium’s archives? They don’t just get corrupted, they get wiped, from everywhere, and that’s some undertaking! I have a tongue in cheek name for these guys – the Ordo Redactor – and I imagine them as grey-suited, blank-faced agents who ensure information is kept under control. Maybe the Puritans believe in hiding the truth away, deleting it even, so that it never escapes. Perhaps the Radicals believe it better to hide it in plain sight, as many conspiracy theorists believe actually happens today?

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the relevance of the Ordos and the existential threats they combat. Hopefully this whimsical diatribe also reveals something of my thinking too (though maybe not!) I’d be very interested in hearing if anyone else can think of some more

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=][= Ordo Foramennigrum =][=


The Adeptus Astartes are in many ways the asset the Imperium have; each loss of a Chapter a notable wound in the Imperial defences and offensive capability. And when a Chapter turns to the enemy the Imperium has not lost a asset but a also gained a great enemy. The Ordo Foramennigrum of the God-Emperor’s Holy Inquisition has as a mission to find out what have made Chapters turn from the Grace of Him on Terra, so it can be prevented, or at least discovered in time to exterminate a to far gone Chapter while they are still in one place.


The Foramennigrum is more of the “after report” kind of group, who go through all available material about and around a fallen Chapter to find out what made them fall. Something made harder by the Imperium’s policy to destroy any information about a Chapter once it has been declared renegade, and then often deny that the Chapter ever existed.


The information gattered by the members of Ordo Foramennigrum will be shared with fellow inquisitors, especially Ordo Astartes, but also the Lords of Terra, and the Watch Commanders of the Deathwatch. This is the theory. In practice Foramennigrum inquisitors have just as much of a tendency of hording information, paranoia, and territorial thinking as all other inquisitors.




+ Exemplary inquisitors +


Inquisitor Inga-Gustava looks like an aged, bent over grandmother, if this is by choice or because of so advanced age that rejuvenation treatments have stopped working is unknown. She walks with the help of a cane and the arm of one of her acolytes. None of this make her appear unthreatening since she’s constantly followed by five Black Shield Space Marines. Inquisitor Inga-Gustava’s main method of work in her ordos service is to capture renegade Space Marines and then interrogate them for all knowledge and understanding about their history and why they turned from the Emperor’s light.


She usually does this by appearing on battlefields where renegade Space Marines are the enemy, and ordering the Imperial forces to help her Black Shields to capture renegades. Sometime just one renegade will be enough for her, other times she will order her Black Shields back to the field many times.


She has also been known to take command of Imperial Navy, or Space Marine, forces and ordered them to hunt a warband or go to a place where she knows members of a renegade Chapter are.




Inquisitor Kipchaks-Tenggeri search for the lost knowledge about fallen Chapters by hunting down what’s written about them and confiscating it before other imperial agents destroys it. He is suspected to be behind the killing of at least two squads of deletions units and whisking away the information containers they had been ordered to destroy. As for now so have nothing been proven, but the suspicion remain.




Inquisitor Etsuko-Πa Eisenhorn (no known relation to Gregor Eisenhorn of the Ordo Xeno) is secretly manipulating things around three different Chapters in a ongoing study to see if can she can make any of them turn renegade. While doing this she also oversees the excavations and studies the remains of Adeptus Astartes presence on three former chapter worlds. The information from those studies are dutifully written down, catalogued and spread among her fellow inquisitors.




+++Thought for the day: It is better that one hundred innocent fall before the wrath of the Emperor than one traitor kneels before the lords of darkness+++

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