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New SoB melee unit: Celestian Sacresants

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Mr. Oddity

Mr. Oddity


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Polearms cool, glad they went away from the done-to-death sword and board. Think I'd tweak it a little to look more spearish with a fluer silhouette. I know they got those shapes in the axey bit, but it feels better to me for the weapon to have a stronger fluer silhouette. But that's personal taste.

Agreed - between VV, Termies, BGV, Lychguard, and even Crusaders the sword-and-board is pretty common in the background. Giving the Sisters a unique twist on the concept is a welcome choice. I'm wondering if the other weapons will carry the fleur-de-lis design as well. A fleur mace or spear would definitely complement the model's design.

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