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Potential Army List for my Hive Fleet

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I'm trying to get hold of the Start Collecting set and two Venomthrope boxes through a Trader at the moment ... seeing what an Invictor Warsuit, 20 new on sprue Gargoyles and a Hive Tyrant can get me. I'll need a Lictor and 4 Ripper Swarms (from Forge World, do they do 4?).



++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Tyranids) [108 PL, 12CP, 1,990pts] ++
+ HQ +
Hive Tyrant
+ Troops +
20 Genestealers
20 Genestealers
4 Ripper Swarms
+ Elites +
6 Hive Guard
4 Zoanthropes
+ Heavy Support +
Trygon Prime
++ Total: [108 PL, 12CP, 1,990pts] ++




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What Hive Fleet are you considering? The Hive Fleet rules mean most Tyranid lists run multiple detachments so that you can have a Kronos one with Symbiostorm and re-roll 1s to hit for your Exocrines and Hive Guard, and then probably Kraken for your Genestealers.


I would only run one Genestealer squad, they cost a ton of points and are very squishy, plus you will often be using something like the Swarmlord's ability or Opportunistic Advance (Kraken stratagem) on them which only works for one unit a turn. Trevy has a great video on them and it's worth watching some of his recent games where he runs them so you can see how they work. He either runs them up to get a first turn charge and bad touch shooting units, or keeps them in the backline to countercharge after his tough warrior blobs absorb enemy attacks.


Trygon Prime is a pretty weak unit all told, sadly I don't think that kit is good, but I know it comes in the Start Collecting box. One good synergy it has is you can give it the Arachnocyte Gland because it's a character, and then use a stratagem to get the unit it brought into combat too out of deep strike once it makes it in since it has Synapse. Never tried it myself but might be ok on a full-size table, and would give you a reason to run that second Genestealer unit I guess.


Overall I think you most need a Kronos Neurothrope with Symbiostorm for your shooty units and either to bulk up your Zoans or run some Warriors to hold midboard objectives.

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Well, whats the objective? Have fun game and make friends, or make the strongest possible list?


Kronos, Neuro, 6HG, Exo, Exo is a pretty cut and paste efficient detachment, but it won't win you many friends. It's also pretty one dimensional with a bunch of stuff that sits still all game. The only movement is a potential T2 move from an exo from strategic reserves. Similarly, the Stealers rush forwards and die, or make combat and you win. The trygon is out of place, and you lack other flexible scoring. 


I'd drop the second unit of Stealers (you can't boost both), get up to 6 Zoans, then spend the rest on devourer gaunts t pop out of that trygon hole, or from Strat Res if you like.  That might be fun. Otherwise get some more scoring, a second Lictor, 20 hormies, etc.


I wouldn't get rid of your gargoyles and tyrant. The Tyrant can be made into Swarmlord, which you'll probably want if you're going down the strongest list route. Gargolyes are meh, but they might get good in the next codex, and you'll probably not get them as cheaply again. 


Kicking this to the army list section as it belongs there. 

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