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Marshals and Castellans on the table top

Black Templars

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Brother Sidonius

Brother Sidonius


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So I was reading through the supplement wishlist and was surprised to find people equating Captains to Marshals and Lieutenants to Castellans. Admittedly I jumped from 5th edition straight to 8th edition so I might have missed some lore but in 4th/5th edition Chapter Masters have the same profile as a Marshal and a Captain has the same profile as a Castellan (there's also some nice alliteration going on to make it easy to remember which are equivalent). Lieutenants, of course, didn't exist yet. 


Is there some conflicting lore some where or are people just playing their Marshals and Castellans according to their own head canon?




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I think a marshal should be played as a captain and a castellan as a lieutenant. But what I really like to see would be an upgrade / new rank of a special Marshal which lead a crusade with more then 300 warriors that give an additional buff like an reroll for the same unit as he is. ( Phobos Captain/marshal gives a reroll for other phobos / Terminator captain gives a reroll for other Terminator squads for example).


In short: to see a different ranking system.

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It is not people think that; it is GW printed these in 8th marine codex.

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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We recently had this discussion in February. Here is my detailed reply in that discussion. That post isn't the whole story, though, with a number of other replies providing some very good information.

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