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Storage woes, contemplating resale (Image heavy)

photos unpainted death guard primaris space marine storage

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So, here I am, 16 months after my first, seemingly innocent purchase of a Know No Fear starter box. Everything is finally assembled, though I haven't touched the paint yet. Long rambling after the pics if anyone's interested.











And some unemployed chaos lads who didn't fit the roster:




A lot of this time was spent planning and re-planning, waiting until the right idea struck, hand-sculpting stuff only to later scrap them for not looking official enough, waiting for deliveries, and quite frankly, shameless procrastination.


The idea was, once everything's assembled, I'd cut up the foam so I can store and carry everything in a safe and compact manner inside an impact resistant toolbox, and paint them up at work during off hours, however my recent calculations are telling me I've messed up; The box & foam was perfectly adequate when I bought them, however I've gotten more models later, and now it looks like they won't fit in just one case.


Kinda makes me wish I could (literally) shovel them into the box en masse like Legos, as I doubt they'd fill it to third-way, but alas, this stuff is way more delicate.


As things look, I should either severely cut down on safety and let the figures touch each other, which I just know will result in broken antlers and chipped paint, OR to sacrifice a second one of my toolboxes which I'll need to replace, and buy more foam, so the figures can sit in one box, and the terrain in another - but since it'd be a bit weird to have so much excess room inside, I should get some more terrain, as what I have is still a bit sparse on a 6 by 4, full-board. (sunk cost fallacy) - Why not a smaller box? Terrain height demands this one.


-Which leads to a further problem, namely that I discovered all too late, my home is profoundly ill-suited for laying out even a 3 by 4, half-board warhammer game, and due to the peculiarities of the region I was only ever going to play at home, with visitors I haven't had in two years, or with 100-200 km of travel, three of my closest friends who A- moved abroad, B - had a massive shift of interests, C - rarely has an off day.


So here I am, looking at this heap of plastic - And make no mistake, they ARE the coolest heap of plastic I ever owned, and while I'm very interested in painting them up, there's practically no chance I'll play a game with them; Even if an opportunity were to present itself, I've learned I overwhelmingly prefer videogames, as I get bored  halfway of laying out the board. Plus I still remember how my old military models got so dusty on display it became impossible to wash them clean without destroying the paint, so I just gave them a viking funeral instead. - Which means the current minis will stay boxed up in the basement, waiting to be forgotten.


Which lead me to think about resale, though not at all cost. While I don't aim to make a profit on it, I'd at least like to get close to the original cost + postage fee.

The Primaris Marine force features some heavily customized models, with several non-codex modifications. Some might see them unacceptable, some might consider the mods decorative only, I have no idea. The Death Guard force is compliant with official datasheets, the only questionable part being Typhus' scythe blade replaced with a LoC's axe, and the Deathshroud termis scythes were also given axe heads.


I wonder what'd be the best way of selling them? All in one pack, neatly and safely in their toolbox(es)? Separate in three packs, Primaris, DG, terrain? As individual figures? Who would even trust a central-european e-bay seller with no history or want to cough out delivery fees from that distance? (I mean I did the reverse, GB to HUN is no cheaper than HUN to GB, but still...)


And there's the matter of painting; I'm confident I can do a decent job, though not master-level. Death Guard is Death Guard, I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd want them in their basic color scheme, but loyalist marines are another story; I could do my custom dark grey armours with black pads and golden trim, making sure I'd be satisfied with the result if I can't sell them, and automatically making them undesirable for anyone who was looking for a specific chapter.

Maybe I should paint them up as the most played chapter? Statistics say it's the Ultramarines, but I wouldn't want to get stuck with the blue boys if they don't sell.

Leave them unpainted then? I was kinda looking forward to this last bit of fun.


I'm rather undecided if I should keep them or not, and if not, how to proceed.


The full list is as follows:


Primaris Marines:


-1 Gravis Captain (KNF box), decorated with Indomitus Cpt's head (+ sculpted hair), sword, shoulder-shield, HBP holster, iron halo, + Aggressor Sgt's left Boltstorm gauntlet, ammo belt & ammo box. Armor cowl filed down.


-1 Phobos lieutenant (vanguard box), with reiver Sgt head, heavily reposed, wielding reiver knives as his paired blades, shoulder-holstered pistol, master bolt carbine mag-locked to backpack.


-1 Phobos Librarian, un-altered, made of resin.


-1 Primaris Chaplain / Judiciar, dual-wielding Absolvor pistols (left arm from Indomitus Chaplain), Judicar's sword maglocked to backpack, Tempor Mortis on belt. Made of resin.


-1 Redemptor Dreadnought (Heavy Onslaught, Fragstorm, Redemptor Fist, Heavy Flamer) with remodelled front (didn't like the sarcophagus-sarcophagus), and altered Icarus launcher location (original looks too much like a tiny head)


-1 Sgt + 2 Aggressors (ETB) with Flamestorm gauntlets, additional fragstorm launchers (not supposed to go with flamers), Sgt decorated with shoulder shield. Cowls filed down.


-1 Sgt +2 Suppressors, very heavily modified because the originals look silly; Intercessor bodies, firstborn Devastator Heavy Bolter backpacks, ammo belts, weapon bodies with Accelerator Autocannon shields, barrels (ends extended with HB muzzle)


-1 Sgt + 2 Inceptors with 1 assault bolter each, right weapons replaced with firstborn Eviscerators, backpacks altered with parts of firstborn jump packs, cowls filed back or replaced with a considerably smaller trim.


-1 Sgt + 2 Eliminators (vanguard box) with Bolt Sniper Rifles, Sgt body swapped with another phobos marine from the same box for a more dynamic pose. (Cape & Rifle fitted seamlessly)


-2 Sgt + 8 Intercessors (half from KNF, half from multipart box), half with standard, half with assault rifles, one of each with grenade launcher. Shoulder shields added to Sgts, press-moulded combat knives added to everyone.


-1 Sgt + 4 Hellblasters (KNF box), Shoulder shield added to Sgt, press-moulded combat knives added to everyone.


-1 Sgt + 4 Assault Intercessors, slight alteration on Sgt to give him a holstered HBP the same as his squad.


-1 Sgt + 4 Reivers with knives, heavy pistols, grapnel launchers (cleverly squeezed to fit on their belts without losing knife sheats), modded bolt carbines maglocked to backpacks.


-1 Sgt + 2 Outriders, no alterations.



Death Guard:


-1 Typhus, with KNF LoC's helmet, axe head, and cape (fits well with his own cloud of flies)


-1 Plaguecaster - The rare, good looking one, on a regular base, one foot resting on KNF LoC's heap of nurglings instead of his original worm. Large fly placed on shoulder like a morbid version of a pirate's parrot. Made of resin.


-1 Noxious Blightbringer, unaltered.


-1 Biologus Putrifier, Nurgling added to ride on his back.


-1 Champion + 2 Deathshroud, Scythe blades replaced with cleavers, hand-made from plasticard. Fits well into original power field generator. Added nurglings.


-1 Champion + 4 Blightlord Terminators, 2 axes, 3 swords, 1 autocannon, 4 combi-bolters (bolt+bolt). Nurglings added in various poses.


-2 Champion + 12 Plague Marines (5 from KNF, 7 from multi-part kit, 1 from ETB kit + 1 resin champion) Champs wield power fists + plasma pistols (resin one is modded, knife blade filed off and replaced with a combi-bolter's plasma barrel, makes a decent looking plasma pistol), 8 marines with bolters, 2 with plasma guns, 1 with heavy plague spewer, one with blight launcher. Nurglings added in various poses.


-2 Foetid Bloat Drones (1 KNF, 1 multipart), one with heavy plague spewers (ETB nozzles replaced with multipart nozzles with proper openings), and the other with a blight launcher.


-9 Nurgling swarms, each built to be different than the rest.


-42 Poxwalkers.





-5'5"x 3'7" dual side, 4-part fold-out board from Moon Base Klaisus.


-4 large broken walls, 3 small broken walls, 2 misc. pieces from MBK.


-Storage Fane & Sub-Cloister; 2 large ruined buildings with walls on 2 sides and top platform, 2 smaller ruined wall sections.


-Munitorum armored containers; 3 large containers, modelled closed, w/o storm bolters. 6 long crates, 6 short crates, 9 promethium barrels.




-1 Games Workshop ruler


-40 six-sided gaming dice; small, white.


-10 twenty-sided gaming dice; large, black, for wound tracking.


-1 Dice bag, black & red.




-1 KNF Lord of Contagion with added gut plate, poor b*tt design fixed with putty (no longer has a hole), slight cleanup on the more molten / drippy looking parts, large "I don't want to fit into a transport anyway" sign removed from back and replaced with bits from bloat drone box bent & cut into shape. Helmet horn repaired with plasticard after an accident.


-1 ETB Plague Marine Champion with power fist, plague knife, plasma gun, replaced gut plate & helmet.


-1 ETB Plague Marine with Blight Launcher, modded right arm with axe and nicer pauldron.


-Half a box of unassembled reivers, on sprue with all options.


-8? unassembled Infiltrators (Vanguard box), on sprue.



....... ssssso, any ideas? Cause I'm baffled.

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Lord Raven 19

Lord Raven 19


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Not everyone paints to play. It's quite reasonable to paint models and not play with them. I would think about that before selling them. However, you could also think about selling one army and keeping the other, if you wanted to cut down on models a bit.

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Lord Raven19

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How about painting the “death guard are death guard” first, and sell them bit-by-bit, to build up that eBay reputation, and get a feel for the time involved in listing, the fees they take, and your market’s willingness to pay shipping.

Then paint the marines. Paint them as a chapter you love, but maybe a known chapter, maybe a brighter scheme. Then it doesn’t matter what the statistics are - selling them as an army cuts through all that. If they look like a good, cohesive force, it doesn’t matter if it’s an obscure chapter, it could well appeal to someone, and you may change your mind and want to keep it and even play a game now and then.

Will you enjoy painting the terrain? Will you really never play a game? These could be the first to go. I think some terrain has got more expensive lately, so you might find the value holds up.
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Thanks, that's sound advice!
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