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The Harvest of Chromyd (Crusade Narrative)

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Greetings My Plague Brethern


Since the advent of 9th I’ve been excited to try out the Crusade rules which appear to greatly enhance narrative play. 

After having some fun matched play games against a good friend’s Imperial Fists we decided to embark on a one on one Crusade to finally settle the score.  For your enjoyment, and hopefully inspiration, I present to you…


The Harvest of Chromyd


The empire of man withers. 


Their golden citadels corrode. Foundations seeped deep with rot. 


Worlds are sewn ripe with the decay of legions given unto death in the name of the false-god. 


Yet the corpse emperor sits silent in his tomb.  He understands what his forsaken cannot.  All Shall Rot and Decay! The advance of the Grandfather cannot be stemmed.  The young, the old, the strong, the weak.  All shall hear the tolling of the bells.  


And yet they resist, senselessly continuing the long war that has already been lost.  They do not see the infestation that they themselves have cultivated. Nurtured by the inevitable nature of mankind, the roots of the garden have spread deep.    For 7 decades of 7 centuries of 7 millennia the affliction of Obolis has Festered.






The blessed trifecta is complete.  We have seen its anthesis and been summoned by its bloom.  We arrive now...


For the Harvest.



(Moderators please let me know if the preference is for such narrative battle reports to be posted in a different forum.  I've included it here in hopes that other Death Guard players will find it enjoyable.  Thank you).



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Battle 1 - First Contact

Scenario – Seed Malignifier

Size – Combat Patrol

House Rules – Predetermined Attacker/Defender

Attacker: Lt. Storn’s Imperial Fists

Defender: Lord Sepsis’ Death Guard


For the culling of Metallica a vast horde of Nurgle’s blessed has been demanded by Lord Typhus.  The surrounding systems are ripe with the forsaken ready for the Harvest. Tasked with raising millions with the walking pox, Lord Sepsis has descended upon the Chromyd System.  

To infect the remaining population quickly, a network of Miasmic Malignifiers is being constructed across the Hives of Dryoch. Insidious, demonic constructs, the Malignifiers will corrupt the Hive’s life support systems, infecting them with a plague of bacterium, parasites and contagious techo-organisms able to deliver their bubonic viruses to every living creature in the Hive. The warp ritual for the activation of the Malignifiers is complex but the hour of its zenith is at hand.


The corpse-sworn believe I am blind to their arrival. They hail themselves as saviors, but their decree is premature. The apotheosis of the ritual is imminent. I shall guarantee its consummation. Personally.

– Lord Sepsis

* * * *

After making planetfall Lt. Storn dispatched his two tactical squads to reconnoiter the area while the rest of his force began establishing an operating base. When they reported back he was even more disturbed by what he heard. Squad Atmo reported what appeared to be a nearly functional plague furnace of some sort but a short distance away, and there were signs of traitor activity in the area. Squad Tydis reported signs of plague running rampant, having to dispatch a handful of grotesque zombies shambling about aimlessly - but no clear, immediate threat. It was clear the plague furnace would have to be destroyed immediately to secure the area. Alvor shook his head and looked over his still-in-process base. He'd have to send a small force to destroy the furnace while others stayed behind to continue working. But it needed to have enough firepower to deal with any traitor threats.

* * * *


“Hold the flank Brother, and pour on some fire!”

Brother Ryzn setup in a firing position, bringing his massive plasma cannon to bear against the heretic forces gathering around one of plague furnaces while Chaplain Tassius directed Squad Lohr toward the unguarded furnace to the right. There were two of these contraptions, not just the one Squad Atmo had reported. They would each have to be dealt with in turn.

Plague zombies sprung from seemingly everywhere amidst the wreckage of the Hive. After briefly surprising Apothecary Kolm as he dashed for cover, they were all systematically cut down by bolt fire from Squad Lohr. With the furnace secure for now Kolm set about preparing the demolition charges before that could change. On the left, Brother Ryzn was trading fire with the massed heretic forces, but they seemed more consumed with the furnace. He was receiving sporadic return fire that wasn’t much to be concerned with and he was not being pressed. He could see his volleys having an effect, but it was not enough.

“Honored Chaplain, the heretics are concerned only with the furnace.”

Chaplain Tassius knew this meant trouble. With the first furnace secured he ordered Squad Lohr to follow him through a ruined building toward the second furnace nearby. Advancing steadily, the heretic forces came into view. Squad Lohr released a fusilade into the mass, but there were far too many zombies milling about soaking up most of their rounds.

* * * *

With a sickening SPLAT zombie heads begin to burst as the Corpse Worshippers methodically descend upon the Malignifier’s defenders. Lord Sepsis pays them no heed.  Their arrival is nothing but a minor irritation. All that matters is completion of the ritual. Ordering his minions to surround and protect him, Lord Sepsis steps up to the Malignifier to discharge the final steps of the activation liturgy.

Suffering a hail of bolter fire and high energy plasma beams, the last Lord Sepsis’ faithful bodyguards, the Helminth, fall.  Their teleport beacons flair, returning them to the recuperation vats aboard the Fated Parasitoid. But the Imperial’s systemic and cautious advance has betrayed them, yielding precious moments for Lord Sepsis to complete his malign commission before turning his attention to a more personal agenda.

“Rejoice my Brethren, It is done.  Now Go and Reap payment for the insolence of these blind pagans.  Harvest the seed of their entombed dead and turn their hope to rot!”

* * * *

The heretics suddenly surged toward Brother Ryzn, their foul leader now clearly evident as he crossed open ground leading the charge. The swiftness with which they moved forth caught Brother Ryzn off-guard, and he was pounded by scythe and flail. Before he had a chance to react his systems were failing as the dreadnought staggered back under the ferocity of the blows.

“In the name of the Emperor purge these heretics brothers!”

Bolt rifles roared as Chaplain Tassius led Squad Lohr from the ruins in defense of their honored brother. The heretic’s ancient power armor served them well, but it was not enough for the volley of exploding shells.

* * * *

Having forced the Venerable into retreat, his brethren cut down by bolter fire, Lord Sepsis stands alone to meet the yellow tide surging forward.  Chaplain Tassius at the fore. As the onslaught of blades falls upon him, Lord Sepsis smiles.

“Rend my armor. Tear my flesh. Cry out in victory as if your insignificant deeds have purpose.  Your devotion has blinded you from the truth.  The fate of Dryloch has already been sealed... ALL SHALL ROT AND DECAY!”

As if on cue, the ground trembles and a deep gurgling cough erupts forth as the belly furnace of the Malignifier ignites.  Dark miasmic clouds of smog belch from its malformed chimneys as plagues of carrion flies birth forth from bursting pustules along its hide. 

* * * *

Suddenly finding his force about to be overrun by the chaotic swarm, Chaplain Tassius was left with no choice but to withdraw. Apothecary Kolm had completed his task and was already rejoining while Brother Ryzn was still able to move well enough despite the damage he had taken. As they departed the other furnace detonated, but it was of little solace. It was clear these furnaces were extremely powerful once activated. The battle had been sound tactically, but they were simply too late.

* * * *

Despite the deafening chorus of buzzing wings and gnashing teeth, the deep laughter of Lord Sepsis rings clear.


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Lord Sepsis' Death Guard 500pts 23 PL

Lord Sepsis, LoC MR & OoD

Champion Coli & Squad E, Plague Marines x5, BL, Flail

The Helminth, Deathshroud x3

The 14th Legion, Poxwalkers x10 2 Units


Lt Stern's Imperial Fists 495pts 27PL

Chaplain Tassius, Primaris Chaplin

Squad Lohr, Intercessors x10

Brother Ryzn, Venerable Dread, H. Plasmacannon

Apothecary Kolm, Firstborn Apothecary


I should note here that we are using points rather than power level.  In addition, the Fists received a bonus CP for Lord Sepsis having a warlord trait (Gloaming Bloat).






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The battlefield was pretty devoid of LOS blocking terrain, but did have a plethora of difficult terrain that would slow my opponent.  Interestingly we ended up deploying heavy into opposite corners with the Fists keeping the intercessors in a big 10 man blob and deploying them away from my Deathshroud to maximize any potential charge distance.


I should preface everything here my stating that while I have been playing 40k since 2nd edition, I've always been an IG player and only discovered my love for Chaos and Death Guard late in 8th edition.  I am by no means a competitive tactical genius and that was quickly evident with my deployment.  In hindsight, I probably should have deployed my Deathshroud in Reserve to gain the flexibility in where they enter the battle.  However my opponents decision to deploy far away from them ultimately won me the game.


Turn 1:


Winning first turn, I advance my castled units up to the left objective while attempting to pile my 10 poxwalkers on the right out of LOS.  In return, the Fists position the Venerable Brother Ryzn into a firing position on this object but does not close any distance.  Meanwhile the Interessors ignore the right objective (which is instead claimed by the Apothecary) moving up the right flank to get firing lines on the zombies.  He killed many but a couple managed to survive as not all intercessors could gain LOS.


Turn 2:


A glorious amount of Poxwalkers rise from the dead and easily charge Apothecary taking a few wounds and more importantly stealing the objective.  On the left, my decision to deploy the Deathshroud combined with my opponents decision to maximize the distance between us makes it clear they will struggle to get into combat.  Therefore my units simply castle up on the objective with Lord Sepsis performing the mission action.


Turn 3 & 4 are quick with the Intercessors dispatching the poxwalkers and reclaiming the right objective while the Dread continues to pump plasma into my Deathshroud.  At this point however it becomes clear that I am running away with the points as the Fists failed to score any primary in turn 2 and would not score any mission points until turn 4 due to the late start on performing the mission action.  Combined shooting from the Dread and the Intcercessors (The Rapid Fire Strat is excellent, especially when combined with the Chaplins +1 to wound.  It essentially gave the Fists an extra 200 points of shooting in a 500 point game!) succeeds in taking out the Deathshroud and dropping 2 Plague Marines.


Turn 5:

With no End of Game scoring (which is a really poor game mission design IMO) and having a massed 36 points that my opponent cannot match Lord Sepsis has already claimed Victory.  But with the Fists unwilling to retreat, I vacate my objective and charge the Venerable Dread with all my remaining forces (LoC & 3 Plague Marines).  The Dread powers up his 6+++ FNP and survives the LoC on 1 wound, but is quickly dispatched by the Plague Marines to score my agenda, Turn their Hope to Rot.  This was significant as it denied Lord Sepsis from earning the bonus XP with the XP instead being earned by Champion Coli and Squad E. 



At the bottom of T5, the Intercessors unload on the Plague Marines, hilariously leaving the Flail alive on 1 wound.  Chaplin Tassius pulls out his Absolver Bolt Pistol.  Boom Head Shot!  Its moments like this that make Narraive play so much fun!!!  With the Plague Marines dispatched the Chaplin and Intercessors charged Lord Sepsis and despite only landing a smattering of wounds, my dice utterly failed to bail him out.


End Game. 

Despite being tabled in the end, I easily won the game on points with that outcome clear by the end of T3.  My dice were not feeling it during the game, with my Deathshroud failing too many invuls and the Intercessors taking down Lord Sepsis (I think the average should have been 2 unsaved wounds!).  But my dice had one last gift for me...



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Ah, the victory despite total annihilation. Good stuff. I liked the format; you presented the battle in a very cool way, with both in-game and out of game perspectives. Look forward to more!

Do you think your opponent would have won if he had got first turn and been able to make grab for the objectives first.

Corruption is our armor. Infection is our weapon. Immortality is our reward.





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If the Fists had gone first and moved to claim the objective my hunch is that we would have played to a Draw.  We actually talked it out after the game.  I would have committed the deathshroud to slow the Intercessors in T2, delaying them from advancing on my objective.  From T2 on we both would score Hold 1 and the Mission Objective leading to a draw.  However the Intercessors' firepower on T2 was significant and if they managed to clear the deathshroud (with Rapid Fire Strat and Chaplin it would be 60 shots, wounding on 4s AP-1) I would have been in trouble and likely would have screened them with the poxwalkers and burnt 4 CP on Cloud of Flies to protect them.  That highlights my gaff of starting the DS on the table.    

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