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Multiple Units, One Transport

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I don't play often, so please forgive my not knowing this if it is obvious, but the two-page section on transports in the main rulebook generally pluralises "units" and doesn't clearly state that only one unit can be included in a given transport. So, could I take a transport like a Termite, with a capacity of 12, and put two separate squads--even two separate, differently equipped devastator squads--into the same transport and then disembark them, say, on opposite sides of the Termite? When i say "put," I don't mean embark them during the game, but set them up as per the subterranean assault rule inside the Termite and then pop them out once it arrives on the board.






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Yup, as long as the units all meet the criteria, you can fill it with as many as you can fit.


A 12-capacity Termite could carry 12 one-man squads, if you had them!




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Yup, as of 8th ed and stopping characters from actually being part of units, any number of units can get into a transport up to the trasnport and model restrictions. You could put 10 characters in a rhino, or 2 5 man devastator squads in a drop pod. 


12 Capacity of the termite is nice, so you can fit 2x 5 man dev squads, captain and Lieutenant to give them full rerolls. 

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