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Yautja Kill Team / WIP

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  • Location:Georgia
  • Faction: Death Watch

I must commend your choice of trophies and your skill in kitbashing relic weapons.

Thanks man, really appreciate that. But wouldnt come to life without the bit sellers i shop with. Pretty much go through all of their newly listed items and put them together or have a general idea of what i wanted to do and go for it. I have one bit seller that i buy from if im trying to build a unit, then one if i need a particular piece and they havent fully let me down yet.
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  • 439 posts
  • Location:Georgia
  • Faction: Death Watch

Didnt know how much I would miss B&C till it was out the game for the longest, but feels good that its back online. Im close to finishing one squad. Been learning more and trying to apply it to models. However my true passion still lashes out and built some more up. Working on the BA detachment but then bit sellers had some good things to sell and the imagination ran over.


First Things First.....



ive technically made about 6, but kept redoing them until I felt it was right.


- First watchmaster i created and just left alone has been reworked on 3 times, keep trying to get it right but by this time i was just done. Watchmaster with swarmlord head, and continuosly looking at it just annoyed it didnt come out how I wanted








I tried, but i just couldnt get it right, so i left it alone, i may come back around to it.


But then.....


Birth of A Clan Leader

- i finally came across Primaris bits, and i always loved the lieutenant model from the Dark Imperium box and it finally came my way, and the imagination went into full effect and because i didnt LOVE the previous model in this post I was determined to get this right. So I went to work and it just really came out well for me, minimum mistakes, no bs, and everything felt right -








- Theres always cleanups that you have to do when you notice them in pictures, but anyways, i cut a lil bit too much trying to match everything up, and where you see the blue is where I do my most unorthodox, probably not the best idea work. I take blue tac, pack it in as much as i can. smooth it out, cut into it to match the area surrounding and then just drop thin super glue on top of it to hard. You cant tell because it shiny, but thats just the reflection of the superglue. I started doing this to fill out Space marine torsos onto Stormcast and Custodes parts, because i was not confident in using putty and it made huge messes, and just havent stopped, there is a good bit of models here and on my BA thread that i do this and it doesnt come out bad, any excess just gets scraped and removed and its been working out till I get my skills up in sculpting -






- As of right now, i cant get him on the base right without him looking like he is leaning back a lil and needs a nice foothold on that base. But i honestly love it, really happy how he turned out, used some pieces that i first started out with on the thread and being able to utilize it here, just really showed my progress (to me atleast, im my biggest terrible critic) from when i first started the thread and kitbashing. So appreciate you reading, nice to see the site back up, hope you guys missed my Kitbashes, I AM PAINTING PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME, and keep rocking with me through this WIP. Trying to get like the greats on here and turn this into a passion. All of my other stuff that i do are on instagram @ mad.hattenstein updated my avatar as my pre logo till I draw something up. Follow the page, im constantly looking to be inspired to do more here. Thanks - dx_ob


- Any suggestions on basing around the round, im kindof torn about it, specially since i know its a chaos symbol rock -

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