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Renegade Knight Houses

renegade knight chaos painting imagery

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A FLGS owner game me a copy of the Renegade boxed set as a gift for painting a store army.


Very cool models and certainly something I like. But it's coming out of the blue, I hadn't taken the time to research Renegade Houses so I don't know where to start.


Looking through a few sources, it feels like GW hasn't developed their stories much. Except for House Divine, most Renegade Knight houses have a background that can be summed up by saying 'fought for Horus, escaped into the Eye of Terror, hasn't been seen since.' There's no imagery, no icons, no identity to work from.


Is there something I'm missing? Do people really focus on having a house for their Renegade Knights or are they just ignored?


Also, most Renegade Knight models I've seen are either clean, straight models that closely resemble Imperials, or heavy-duty conversions to walking Chaos shrines. It doesn't feel like there's a lot of middle ground.


Are there any factors that go into choosing a good color scheme for a Knight, especially one that often fights with a Chaos Space Marine chapter like Black Legion? My gut tells me paint if black, the same as everything else. But I don't know.







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I based my 3 renegade knights on the rust hounds, although there are limited details on them available, they link to my death guard and Nurgle Daemons and are painted in a similar fashion.





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House Devine has a bit of background simply because that lore was created way back when (1st/2nd edition WH40K). With the Forge World Horus Heresy books, though, we've seen a few more renegade houses created. The detailed backgrounds for these houses is found in various Horus Heresy black books, though you can probably find some highlights at Lexicanum.

You might check out the Tabula Questoris. It's missing anything new in the latest Codex: Imperial Knights, but it should have every house/world from previous sources. You might then go through Lexicanum to get the details (and I'll be updating the "file" links in the Tabula Questoris to point to the Lexicanum articles in the (hopefully near) future).

As far as color schemes go, I see three basic alternatives:
  • paint your knight(s) to match the rest of your army
  • paint your knight(s) to match some established house/freeblade, regardless of whether or not it/they complement the rest of your army
  • paint your knight(s) to contrast with the rest of your army
As far as conversions go, a lot depends upon the lore concept behind your knight(s). You might conceive of a force that has only recently fallen to Chaos and which does not yet show overt signs of their allegiance. They might have their normal heraldry, especially any heraldry of the Imperium, obscured or defaced. They might show signs of damage or poor maintenance.

Alternately, you might conceive of a force that is firmly aligned with Chaos and which shows overt signs of corruption - Chaos sigils, mutations, daemonic influence, etc.

Something to consider is that you could simply choose to have a [former] Freeblade of an otherwise still-loyal house. This sets up interesting narrative possibilities (your Adeptus Mechanicus opponents might take even more umbrage at seeing a former scion of House Raven turned to Chaos, for instance).

It's really up to you.





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Just a bump, we have a communtiy thread for the renegade knights here: http://www.bolterand...aitoris-thread/

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Thanks! This appears to be exactly what I needed.

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