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wip army building plan 9th ed - white consuls

white consuls

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so these dudes are basically ultramarines with drop pod favoritism says the lore; cool

i think they look like storm troopers so my chapter does not abide by the red helmet sgt painting thing because my sgts want to blend in more with the troops guy


i want a brigade so my 6 troops choices are going to be 6 five man tactical squads deployed in 3 drop pods aiming to secure control over the other three quadrants on the board since objective markers are uber important in 9th edition with primary and secondary objectives

if deployment is not quarters but halves this army will have loads of flexibility in the deployment phase


when i deploy in quadrant A, i intend on getting 3 drop pods, 3 tactical squads box sets and 1 devastator set for parts to engineer my 6 tactical squads to fulfill roles on the battlefield in quadrants B (assaulty) C (mix shooty) D (far shooty)


C       B


A       D



Tac I (5) - sgt wtih power fist & combi-melta, meltagun

Tac II (5) - sgt wtih power fist & combi-melta, meltagun

drop pod


Tac III (5) - sgt wtih power fist & combi-melta, multi-melta

Tac IV (5) - sgt wtih power sword & combi-plasma & meltabombs, multi-melta

drop pod


Tac V (5) - sgt wtih power sword & combi-plasma & meltabombs, lascannon

Tac VI (5) - sgt wtih power sword & combi-plasma & meltabombs, lascannon

drop pod


with the new points values all that costs 855pts

that leaves 1145pts for the rest of the force in deployment zone A and deep strike units to support the drop pods


the only other model i own in a primaris lieutenant with power sword


i am going to think more about the non troops selection, however, i posted this to see what the community has to say

ive got 6 troops and 1 HQ so far and 1145pts left for 2 HQ, 3 Elites, 3 FA, 3HS

any thoughts

i think i need zone A to have a portion that says put and a strong portion that moves forward to secure the centre of the board plus do i add deep striking units?


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Why a brigade?

Unless you're desperate for a 4th fast attack or heavy support choice and really dont want to spe d the CP for double patrol, a brigade really doesn't offer too much benefit in 9th
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All your Primaris models are gonna have to foot slog it across the table from your deployment zone, or you'll pay a pretty penny in CP to put them into Tactical Reserves and not benefit from their auras, buffs or psychic powers until turn 2.


The Assault Squads also can't move and are less than 50% to make a charge turn 1 when they arrive from the Drop Pods, so they'll be sitting ducks for your opponent to blast away at throughout their first turn. The Plasma Pistols help but Assault Squads are widely considered to be garbo, even in their "optimum" configuration with jump packs.


I also think both a Stalker and Hunter is overkill, there will be fewer fliers in this edition and they hit ground units on 4+ which is a bummer. 


Kinda seems like you're doing your own thing though, so power to you. In 7th ed there was a detachment I was obsessed with called the Skyhammer Annihilation Force, which had two Assault Squads with Jump Packs and two Devastator Squads in Drop Pods. They had special rules so the Assault Squads could charge even from reserves (which they couldn't otherwise back then) and the Devastator squads had Relentless and could prevent Overwatch if target units failed an Ld test. It was super badass and kinda similar to this.


If it were me building a Steel Rain list like this, I would probably run some Sternguard as well as Devastator Squads in Drop Pods with Grav-Cannons, they are very strong against a wide range of targets. You could use Scouts or Phobos Primaris to sneak onto objectives during deployment and then protect them with your wave of drop pods.




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ok ok ok; redo on all of it;

space marines and tyranids;


i think the best way to do this is start at 500pts and build up both armies together as we go here


so after i bought a second tactical squad and a 5-man devastator squad, i looked at these 25 marines and this primaris lieutenant and started thinking; finally i have bits


tactical squads recently re-adjusted their points values so i think that will be the same for the new codex

primaris captain/lieutenants only have access to firm gear for now, which is newish, so lets hope that doesnt change either


the primaris lieutenant model totally has a halo on the helmet (suggesting iron halo) making me think this is more of a captain head than anything else


i got a sweet power fist pointing hand with the devastator box and plasma pistol so.... the lieutenant model is now going to be converted to be a captain model.... not only that;

i will magnetize the current head and arms so that a painted lieutenant head can be swapped out as well as the PF/PP for the boltgun or PS/BP combos


since i am facing a swarmlord at 500pts, i will be using the PF/PP at 500pts


as for the marines all 25 are going to be 5 tactical squads where the 5 sgts will have arms magnetized and the 2HBs will also be magnetized


anyways.... the lists:


white consuls - reserve strike force 76 (500pts)

Primaris Captain 7th company - PF/PP

TAC1 7th company  (10) - sgt with PP/PF, flamer

TAC2 6th company (5) - sgt with BP/CS, HB

TAC3 6th company (5) - sgt with BP/CS, HB

DEV1 9th company (5) - sgt with bolter


5 units, 5W:25W, 1:5 wound ratio HQ:TROOPS, 3+(4++):3+

6th is orange, 7th is pink, 9th is blue shoulder pads


jormungandr hive fleet alittlebit (498pts)


Termagants (12) - devourer x1

Termagants (12) - devourer x1

Termagants (12) - devourer x1

Ripper Swarm (3)


5 units, 12W:45W, 1:4 wound ratio (cause of the 3 devourers could be termagants), +1 cover save from shooting attacks, 3+(4++):6+


math-ing-ly they are very balanced forces


so my plan is to build what i have above for marines, magnetize mr primaris, the sergeants and the HBs (cause in higher point games i might want better heavy weapons for +5pts)

i already have the arm size and hand size magnets so all is good; i like to use everything i have to the max; dual purpose style


once that is done ill finish the termagants i have and.... i guess ill order the other 2 boxes later this week


its not much right now as far as a flashy force

but it is a start

and at 500pts having 5/6 Troop choices for a future brigade is swell i think



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alright, here i am again; its been a while

i ended up moving and it took some time to get services and all set up


these days sure are interesting.... all of this seclusion and isolation couldnt be any better for finishing this marine army

especially because we finally have the next codex


im old school so i like tactical squads; and here we are; they seem more better than before i guess....


i was able to build this using only the following:

1 - Primaris Lieutenant dude

2 - Tactical Squad

3 - Tactical Squad

4 - Devastator Squad

5 - Drop Pod


two variants of white consuls - ultramarine successor; with and without drop pod using the fewest magnetized models *mm conversions (5)


Drop Pod List - 750 pts


   Drop Pod - 70

   Sternguard (5) - vet sgt w PF & SIB, MM, GC, SIBx2 (Special Issue Bolter) - 140

   Tactical I (5) - sgt w TH & (BP)*mm, MM - 125


   Primaris Lieutenant (1) - PS & BP, Warlord Trait - Iron Resolve, Relic - The Burning Blade - 75

   Tactical II (5) - sgt w LC & (bolter)*mm, ML - 110

   Tactical III (5) - sgt w (bolter)*mm, LC - 105

   Devastator I (5) - sgt w bolter & CS, LC, HB, HB, (bolter)*mm - 125



the difference in points between a (Primaris Lieutenant + Drop Pod) and a (Primaris Captain + 45pts of upgrades towards stuff)

- the three sergents of tactical I, II and III have their BP, bolter, bolter hands magnetized and 3 combi-plasmas magnetized with 1/16" bars on each side. for a 30 point increase its an easy conversion and adds 3 more shooty things

- the Primaris model uses 1/8" magnets on the body and on the 4 arms that hold PS & BP for the P.Lieu and a PF & PP for the P.Cptn

- the non sgt bolter dude in the devastator squad will use the 1/8" magnets for the backpack and both arms to swap with a ML setup for a 15 point increase



Gun Line List - 750 pts


   Sternguard (5) - vet sgt w PF & SIB, MM, GC, SIBx2 (Special Issue Bolter) - 140

   Tactical I (5) - sgt w TH & (CP)*mm, MM - 135


   Primaris Captain - PF & PP, Warlord Trait - Storm of Fire, Relic - The VOX Espiritum - 100

   Tactical II (5) - sgt w LC & (CP)*mm, ML - 120

   Tactical III (5) - sgt w (CP)*mm, LC - 115

   Devastator I (5) - sgt w bolter & CS, LC, HB, HB, (ML)*mm - 140



well they both add up to the points i think

have pros and cons

i cannot see a better way to deploy the models i currently own; i have all the things to do this which is cool

i will build these and keep my progress going on here


list 1 has 8 heavy weapons and board control with the pod

list 2 has 9 heavy weapns, 3 plasma guns and a cptn to stick around the regular bolters and dev squad to give out AP





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well since i am magnetizing crap ill be magnetizing every variant of combi weapon for the three tactical squad sgts.... cause i have the bits and the magnets


well since there is a lack of anything here for such a small starter list ill assume that everything is awesome and for 750 pts this would sure be tough to kill


i will be posting in the tyranids army list section my response to this patrol or whatever it is


this army morphs 2 ways with units and magnets; the tyranid list morphs 6 ways with magnets and units....


again i am looking for balance and general goodness at a small point list that will eventually be added to for 1750-2000 pt games

a patrol before the battalion

sooo ya.... havent been progressing on the marines because i have been thinking and researching the nids

to see how i can make this happen a) on the cheap & b -  interestingly competitive c) adaptable in deployment / switching units for others


move shoot advance is the game at its core level

which is why i am deploying a lot of core troops units here (3 for marines and between 3 and 7 for the tyranids)


for the tyranid list go to the tyranid list section thingy to see how i can go from 3 to 7 troops choices in 750 pts using tyranids


ill go write that now



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so ya been working on all this advancing alright; got 5 days off work so i want to put a dent in this during the week

here is were i am at presently




essentially there are 5 units surrounding the lieu/cptn as compact as possible

they are standing on a winged tyranid creature who was shot out of the sky

the dudes will be all looking ahead expecting the jormungandr dudes to pop out of ground possibly anywhere




the wings and arms and tail were all placed in the toaster oven at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes where they softened up so they could be flattened to better look more dead; and become bases


this is how they will fit together; its like a puzzle

i used a FOR SALE sign as the base and placed another layer of it over top

holes were cut out for the dues bases and there is a raised ring between the HQ and everyone else


once everyone is in they dont move, you can hold this at 45 degree angle and all models stay put

the bigger base is exactly the interior size of a metric milk crate so i can transport them around easily


all the bases need to be completed today.... i like having the legs torso and backpack glued to the base before priming

the head and arms are pinned and easier to paint that way


i will fill in the gaps with either more sprue or cut up plastic rubble bits/sand/glue


sternguard squad















notice how even the chest pieces are all the same depending on the unit

same goes for the style of legs and style of bolter

i used all the legs from the 5 man devastator box set for the sergeants cause they look more beefy and unique


i will probably paint up the dead dragon wing thing as a fresh kill

should have taken a picture while there were no marines glued down but meh


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