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Grand Master Belial

Grand Master Belial


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The Inner Circle in collaboration with the Liber Astartes presents:



Generals of the Astra Militarum!


The High Lords of Terra have deemed it necessary to get an accounting of the various regiments serving the Emperor. Representatives from each regiment are requested to provide a brief data summary of their regiment’s history and past glories to be added to the vast data banks of the Administratum.


So, arm yourselves with your quills and your cogitators!

Activate your savants and servitors!

Gather your banners of honor and let loose the Brotherhood of Angels!



The Brotherhood of Angels (BotA) started as a Dark Angels Forum Event aimed at participants creating unique DIY chapter histories. In other words, you enter the event by submitting a written description of a chapter that you have created. This has grown in popularity to encompass a major section of the Bolter & Chainsword Community and to be included in the Liberalia Martiale!


Liberalia Martiale Links

The Iron Gauntlet - This Gauntlet challenge has several parts to it and the BotA will satisfy one of those parts for those who want to step up and face the IRON GAUNTLET!

A Mirror, Darkly...A New Challenger Appears - Angel and the Wolf - Get Those Dice Ready - Sons of Vulkan - Collaboration -  Foedeath - Eternal Foes




1. Make an oath in this thread in the following manner:


I, <<your name>>, GENERAL of the << name of your REGIMENT>>, in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my REGIMENT and Its honored HISTORY.


There are multiple threads for the various factions. Participants are free to enter in one or more groups. Each thread is for the IA Articles for that type. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a Moderati and CANNOT move posts from one thread to another.


CODEX SPACE MARINES - Successors of the Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders and White Scars

BLOOD ANGELS - Successors of the Blood Angels

DARK ANGELS - Successors of the Unforgiven

SPACE WOLVES - Successors of the Space Wolves

ADEPTA SORORITAS - Home to the various Orders of the Sisters of Battle

ADEPTUS MECHANICUS - Home to the various Forces, Titan Legions and Knights Houses of the Administratum and their Dark brethren

ASTRA MILITARUM - Home to the various Imperial Guard Regiments

CHAOS SPACE MARINES - Home of the myriad of Chaos Marine Warbands

LOST AND THE DAMNED - Home of the myriad of Traitor Guard Regiments

AGE OF DARKNESS - Home of the different groups of Legion Astartes

LIBER ASTARTES - Home for all other IA Creations (Inquisitors, Death Cults, Individual Characters)


2. Write a completely new Index Astartes Article, based on the structure below, on the Chapter/Unit/Warband/Order you have created (or update a submission from a previous competition). WIP threads are encouraged along with spell-check and grammar checking in Word or Pages.


3. Submit it before the conclusion date of Midnight on May 31, 2017. The completed IA must be posted in full in this thread. Links will NOT be considered complete.



1. The article should have a minimum of 2000 words. The use of a Word Processor like Word or Pages is highly encouraged to help with spelling and grammar.


2. It should include the livery of your chapter/unit/warband/order using the appropriate Painter. A sketch or image of the Chapter/Regiment/Order/Warband Badge is also strongly encouraged.


3. The submission should be of your own creation. Past works that were incomplete can be finished.



The article should include the following sections, most of which are self-explanatory.





FOUNDING WORLD: Where are they from?

MAIN COLOURS: What are the colors of the Regiment?

SPECIALITY: OPTIONAL - Do they excel in a certain type of combat?


CURRENT STRENGTH: Typically, it will be 4,000 fighters unless they have suffered losses in a recent campaign.

ALLEGIANCE: OPTIONAL - Primarily used if they have turned from the Emperor or venerate some other notable figure Saint/Primarch/etc…



What made that Regiment come into being? Is there is a reason the Regimental Colors were chosen, it may be included in this section.



Description of the world that the regiment considers to be home.



Narrative about the Regiment at the dawn of the 41st Millennium



How do they fight? Special Formations? Armor Heavy? Air Assault? Night Fighters? Intolerances on Aversions?



- Battle



Short descriptions of famous battles and outcomes in regimental history. Try to provide at least three different battles.



How is the Regiment organized? Do they have any special formations? Do they have notable attachments (Ogryns, Ratlings, etc…)? What about the Specialists? This section will probably contain the Painter images of the different paint schemes of the various companies and specialists.



Unique beliefs and practices.


Do they follow the Imperial Creed or do they have their own belief system? Would a Commissar be welcomed into their ranks?



How were the soldiers recruited and trained? First-born? Skilled in a style of combat? Did they serve in a youth unit like the Whiteshields of Cadia?



Any rituals in their home world/base.


Does the unit have a ritual they always perform before going into battle? What about something they did on their homeworld, like forging their own blade (Catachan and Tanith)



OPTIONAL - An image, description or sketch of the Regimental Banner or Standard and its significance. If not posted in a prior section, this would also be a good place to show the regimental badge and its origin.



Description of specific awards, honorariums and honors.



"Poke 'em in the eye!" or "Repent! For tomorrow, you die!"



OPTIONAL - Characters of renown within the regiment (As many as you wish)





Once you make your oath you may wear the following banner in your signature




Once you complete your submission you may wear the following banner in your signature:





Octaguide 2.0

40K Timeline

BBCode Guide

B&C Painters

+ + + PRAISE BE THE LION + + +


OATH BEARERS - Astra Militarum

  1. Barabbas Sogalon - 1st Boruzian Grenadiers
  2. Cryptix - 104th Hellblazers
  3. Dr_Ruminahui - 362nd Bellemonde Penal Regiment - COMPLETE
  4. Ikka - 6th Mournhold Grenadiers
  5. KasrkinRyu - 171st Cadian Airborne (Kasrkin) - COMPLETE
  6. LeonAudacity - 4th Cadian Tatonka Regiment “317th Raging Buffalo’s” - COMPLETE
  7. Tallarn Commander - Tallarn 23rd Light Regiment - COMPLETE
  8. The Mad Hermit - 4th Elyam Light Rifles

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What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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I, Cryptix, GENERAL of the 104th Hellblazers, in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my REGIMENT and Its honored HISTORY.


I'm a masochist teehee.gif .

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I, Kasrkinryu, GENERAL of the 171st Cadian Airborne (Kasrkin), in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my REGIMENT and Its honored HISTORY.


My Armour Is Contempt, My Shield Is Disgust, My Sword Is Hatred. In The Emperors Name Let Non Survive


Barabbas Sogalon

Barabbas Sogalon


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I, Barabbas Sogalon, GENERAL of the 1st Boruzian Grenadiers, in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my REGIMENT and Its honored HISTORY.




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I've nailed down a color scheme.



Fluff wise, these guys are Cadians that became Kroot Hunters that are defending a system of Agri Worlds, though their recruitment planet is a desert world now. Before their arrival, it was a lush planet but it was damn infested from Tau Invasions in M40.967. They tried conventional tactics, but when the Kroot attacked a refinery, an accidental explosion revealed their weakness. Although they were superb forest hunters, their uniquely camouflaged skin required large amounts of water to maintain, making them weak to being burned. Surely enough, the regiment took upon using flames so much that the climate of their planet changed by 2 degrees, turning most of the world into an arid desert and the equator inhospitable. 

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+++++ Imperial Force Archives +++++
++++ Force Description  ++++
++++++ Cadian Sector ++++++

++++++ 171st Airborne Company ++++++


171st Cadian Airborne Company (Kasrkin)

The 171st were created out of the necessity for a quick deploying, rapid reaction force. Similar to the famed Elysian drop troops and taking inspiration from the Cadian 1433rd Airborne who fought in the Cryptus Campaign. It was envisioned 171st would allow the hard hitting Kasrkin Storm troopers take to the skies and become an air mobile unit. The Kasrkin are already considered the best Cadia has to offer and combined with the officially sanctioned Airborne assault formations they can rival even the mighty Tempestus Scions.

Believing a unit never truly dies as long as the colours still stand this new airborne company was given the name and colours of the 171st. A Kasrkin unit wiped out to the last man during the 12th Black Crusade. The original 171st had been a mechanised unit that prided itself on its speed and bravery. Earning the motto "Celer et Audax", "Swift and Bold". A motto that encompasses airborne operations perfectly. The 171st were reborn, raining hell and fury from the skies. A fitting tribute to those who fell in the Gothic Sector.


The 52nd Naval tactical squadron were chosen by sector command and attached to the 171st. An early emphasis was placed on intense cross training to ensure the two units could function as one. Similar to how Chimera crews and shock troopers become one entity in the more common armored fist units. The level of co-operation between the two units is such that the door gunners on the 52nd Valkyries are actually 171st Kasrkin members who fill the position on a rotation basis. Similarly all pilots and gunners of the 52nd are rotated through the Officer of the Fleet position with the ground forces. This ensures each unit has the upmost understanding of how the other operates and 100% trust can be placed in each. The aircraft of the 52nd have adopted the famous Cadian green colours and for all intents and purposes have been adopted as a Cadian unit.


Home-world: Various worlds from the Cadian System.


Colours: Standard Cadian green and tan, light green berets. Commissars wear a red sash and crush cap with a red band


Company Standard:



Unit Insignia: Cadian gate, Ace of Spades, Skulls represent squad command, Letters represent Platoon.

Battle Cry: "3-48" "Swift and Bold"


Marching Song:       Lay me down in the cold cold ground, Where before many more have gone

                            When they come I will stand my ground, Stand my ground I’ll not be afraid

                            Thoughts of home take away my fear, Sweat and blood hide my veil of tears
                            Once a year say a prayer for me, Close your eyes and remember me
                            Never more shall I see the sun, For I fell to a traitor gun
                            Lay me down in the cold cold ground, Where before many more have gone


Current Strength: Under strength company folded into 1 platoon plus supporting units.

Allegiance: Cadia, Our Savior and Holy light - The Emperor of Mankind.

Doctrine: Air Assault, Deep Strike, Reconnaissance, Combined Arms operations.

It should be noted where as larger airborne units such as the Elysian's and Catachan 22nd make mass airdrops the 171st is a lot smaller in scale. More comparable to the Tempestus Scions. Mass airborne assaults take time and resources to assemble. The 171st is based on speed, the key to their operations is rapid reaction to what ever threat may appear. Never the less the 171st can and do operate in more traditional airborne roles and can be fielded in a more traditional "Shock" role in larger combined arms detachments.

Present Activities: The 171st were heavily involved in the opening phases of the 13th Black Crusade. Their rapid reaction made them a valuable asset in quickly putting down cultist uprisings and quelling traitorous movements in and around the Cadian sector. How ever, over the weeks as these engagements became ever increasingly protracted, casualty rates began to rise, finally resulting in the unit being withdrawn from the front lines for rest and re-organisation. Even though they pushed hard for an urgent redeployment to Cadia the 171st were requisitioned by the Inquisition and deployed to the Cleansing of Ioria.


Organisation (At full paper strength):

171st Cadian Airborne
 -A Platoon (4 Squads)
 -B Platoon (4 Squads)

 -C Platoon (C Squadron, Sentinel recon platoon) "Ghost Riders"
 -D Platoon (Light vehicle support platoon, currently limited to the Taurox and Taurox Prime)
 -E Platoon (Intelligence, Logistics, Liaison, Medical, Maintenance support staff etc)

 52nd Naval Tactical Squadron "The Preachers" (Attached to the 171st)
 -6 Valkyrie Transports
 -3 Vulture Close Air support Gunships
 -3 Sky Talon Heavy Transports

-Various ground crews and maintenance staff
 All Kasrkin are automatically entitled to enroll. Also open to veterans and white shields who show promise and can complete the arduous training cycle.
Unit rituals:

  - The company training regime is similar to a normal Kasrkin unit except with the obvious emphasis on airborne operations. The training cycle culminates with a final week of tests. These tests are both physical and mental in nature. Challenges range from timed assault courses, live firing exercises and tactical problem solving. Designed to exhaust the men the pace is relentless. During the course of the week each Kasrkin is also required to complete numerous simulated airborne assaults and extractions along with 4 Grav chute jumps followed by a night jump. The night jump signals the starting phase of the 3-4-8. A 30 mile speed hike across the Cadian Steppes, carrying 40lbs of equipment, to be completed in 8 hours or less. It is a right of passage for the members of the 171st.


Awards, Honours and Ribbons:
  Imperial Awards:
  Crimson skull - Numerous
  Order of the Scarlet Wing - Numerous
  Medallion Crimson - Major Nixx (posthumously)
  Cadian Awards:
  Order of the eagles Claw - Unit citation presented by Battle fleet Cadia

Unit Champions:
 Major Kephas Nixx - KIA. First company commander. Hailed as a hero in the company. He was a major driving force in the creation of the 171st. He was killed in action by calling down an orbital strike on his own position in order to save the majority of the company from almost certain destruction.


++++ Sub-file  ++++

++++ Unit personnel  ++++


++++1st Lieutenant P. Autumn - Plt Co Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++

Autumn began like many Cadians as a trainee and then private soldier in the White shields. After graduating to a Shock regiment in his teens he quickly earned his Corporals stripes and went on to lead a 5 man section against the green skins. By the age of 20 he had made Sergeant. It wasn't until his actions against the traitorous forces around the Cadian gate that he caught the eye of his superiors. A young, yet experienced soldier with unorthodox methods, some noting with hesitation, yet a dedication to duty and honour. A perfect candidate for the new airborne formation. He rose from the ranks to join the officer class and entered the 171st training program gaining a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.  After proving himself in a number of combat drops he finally made the rank of 1st Lieutenant and took command of A platoon. Autumn takes great pride in the units Cadian heritage and ability of his men. With the loss of Company commander Major K. Nixx, Autumn is the acting CO of the 171st under the supervision of Commissar Rayne.


++++Sergeant R. Mayer - 1st Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++

Mayer was one of the original Sergeants of the 171st. A Kasrkin since his earliest days hailing from Kasr Feros. Within the company he is known for supporting his Lieutenant in any action, earning the respect of the men. Although they had a shaky start Autumn and Mayer have become the closest of friends. A known brawler who likes nothing more than to get hands on with the enemy...and allies alike. Famed for being charged by a group of traitor rough riders and then proceeding to down 3 of them in 3 shots.


++++Sergeant L. Webber - 2nd Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++

Webber is the leader of A platoons Plasma squad. Hailing from Kasr Viklas he has been wounded in action no less than 8 times, over half being plasma related. The most serious resulted in him loosing his left arm and a large portion of his face. For his troubles he was promoted to Corporal. Rumor has it under his beret he is as bald as the Big E. Out of battle he is a relatively quiet man but in battle he is a stout leader who always leads from the font. His reaction to his wounds, "the Emperor protects". Currently the subject of a running bet in the platoon to see which body part he will loose next.


++++Sergeant C. MacKenzie - 3rd Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++

MacKenzie is a fairly recent transfer to the 171st. He sports his fathers close combat weapon, a family heirloom and has a tendency to get into melee combat

at any opportunity. This has made him a little unpopular with the men as he tends to charge into battle, how ever he has shown on numerous occasions to go out of his way to safeguard the lives those in his squad.  Further files regarding his father suggest dealings with the Inquisition leading to a MIA status. The truth is not known completely but some think he was falsely accused of heresy, tarnishing the family reputation and meaning MacKenzie cannot rise into the officer class.


++++Colour Sergeant D. Bourne - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++

By age "Colour" Bourne is the oldest member of the company. He refused a battlefield commission in his previous unit because he "works for a living". Whilst this earned the respect of the rank and file his officer was not impressed and had him transferred to the fledgling 171st, at the time considered somewhat of a suicide unit. Upon joining the 171st he accepted the rank of Colour Sergeant, a high honour in any guard unit and arguably the most respected of the non-commissioned ranks. His experience in numerous campaigns against various foes provides the unit with a solid backbone. Apart from the colours itself, his slightly graying mustache and bellowing voice makes him easily distinguishable of the battle field. He can often be found along side Commissar Rayne, keeping morale high and the men at their best.


++++Commissar Rayne -  171st Airborne Company++++

The profile of Commissar Rayne is somewhat sketchy at best. Little is known about her background but her violet eyes give away her origin as undoubtedly Cadian. Whilst it is rare to see female commissars it is not totally unheard of. Some often question why a Kasrkin unit would need a commissar. Very few dare to question Kasrkin loyalty however the due to the nature of the 171st they are often deployed into battlefields that would test the resolve of even the hardiest trooper. Operations against traitor units are common place and in these situations she has the authority to judge these heretics on sight allowing the Kasrkin to perform their duty without reprisal from Imperial command.


++++ End Archive  ++++

++++ Updates Pending  ++++

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My Armour Is Contempt, My Shield Is Disgust, My Sword Is Hatred. In The Emperors Name Let Non Survive





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I, Ruminahui, PATRON of the 362 Bellemonde Penal Regiment, in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my REGIMENT and Its honored HISTORY.


May His light ever illuminate my path.


Inquisitor Psychologis Ruminahui

Tallarn Commander

Tallarn Commander


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Wow! These are some fun regimental summaries. Thanks for taking the time to write them up. Here's my submission:

I, Tallarn Commander, General of the Tallarn 23rd Light Regiment, in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my regiment and its honored history.

Livery: purple kefiya/headgear and desert brown tunics

An image of some typical Tallarn 23rd troopers:


1. Regiment Name: Tallarn 23rd Light Regiment

2. Summary
-Founding world: Tallarn
-Commanding Officer: Colonel Khomeini
-Main colors: tunics and weapons casing are brown, pants are grey, headgear/kefiyas are purple
-specialty: recon, especially in desert terrain
-Battle Cry: “We are many! They are few!” (this motto is also found on Tallarn banners and on the sides of Tallarn tanks). However, since the Tallarn 23rd is also a light, rapid reaction force they are often rushed to imperial worlds to fight invasions or uprisings. This means that the Tallarns often find themselves outnumbered with only local PDF assets as their only allies. Consequently, veteran Tallarns often refer to themselves as “speedbumps” and they charge into battle crying “We are the speedbumps!” (or they cry “Remember Dallas!” in order to honor those who fell at that horrific defeat)
-Approximate strength: -Vehicle Count: approximately 60 tanks (mostly scout salamander recon tanks and specially modified long range desert group chimeras), 200 wheeled vehicles (mostly dune buggies and “Lightfoot” 2 and a half ton trucks), 300 sentinel walkers
-Personnel Count: approximately 4,970 troopers and 200 cavalry mounts
-Allegiance: to the Imperium of course

3. Origin of Regiment
The Tallarn 23rd was initially formed in 699M41 as a light reconnaissance and rapid reaction force. As a recon detachment, it acted as the eyes and ears for numerous Imperial Guard armies (and was especially effective in desert, mountainous, and urban terrain).

4. Founding world: Tallarn

5. Present Activities
While originally formed as a light recon regiment, the Tallarn 23rd did spend 15 years as a standard line regiment, as a result of the “Debacle in Dallas.” The Tallarn 23rd’s failure caused the entire Dallas campaign to falter and, as a result, the planet of Dallas was lost. Consequently, the Departamento Munitorum and Warmaster Slaydo stripped the regiment of its light recon status and changed it to a line infantry regiment and they were sent to the trenches for 15 years. However, last year, at the Ballard Kingdom campaign, the 23rd was instrumental in helping the imperial forces to retake the planet. As a result, Slaydo granted Colonel Khomeini, the 23rd’s CO, a boon. Khomeini asked that his regiment be turned back into a recon unit. Slaydo gladly re-instated the 23rd’s status as a light recon regiment and the troopers of the 23rd rejoiced.

The 23rd is currently engaged on the planet Pacifica in the Everett AO (Segmentum Pacificus). They are tasked with performing reconnaissance in strength operations pinning down enemy assets on the northern flank while the heavier Mordian 777th Infantry, Cadian 810th Armored, and Vallallan 16th artillery conduct operations in the Seattle AO.

6. Combat Doctrine
The commander of the 23rd, Colonel Khomeini, has repeatedly taken his troops to the brink of hell and back. The colonel is a veteran of the Drop Zone Dallas debacle, the Victory at Seattle, the Battle in Ballard, and the NOVA Insurrection. The infantry troopers of the 23rd are experts in stealth, reconnaissance, and desert warfare. Colonel Khomeini favors rapid flanking maneuvers, set piece battles are not his style. They often operate from forward positions and serve as an imperial guard armies’ eyes and ears.

7. Roll of Honor
- Drop Zone Dallas debacle: a light recon force deployed to the planet Dallas in the year 2001. After fighting and losing 6 skirmishes with various xenos foes, the Tallarns were withdrawn. The regiment took 2 years to rebuild after this campaign, but they did win the coveted “Best Army” award.
-NOVA Insurrection: The Tallarns were deployed to a beautiful forested world against a rebellious space marine opponent. The marines had a good force composition with various drop pod units and bikers. This was a close game that went down to the wire. In the end, the ogryns and conscripts managed to grab a midfield objective while my firebase managed to shoot down the enemy units that tried to grab my home-field objectives. My MVP: a dual award to the midfield objective grabbers [conscripts blob and ogryns] although honorable mention to my PCS for successfully using the pinning order to pin his biker squad on turn 1—had I not done that then it would have been hard for me to pull out a win.
-Maryland Massacre: The Tallarns were tasked with conducting long range recon operations (e.g. I brought a sentinel and infantry list with Vendetta air support). The opponent was a Tau force featuring multiple Riptides. My scout sentinels came out on one flank, tied up his kroot, and ended up killing them and grabbing an objective. My penal legionnaires came out on the other flank with additional sentinels and Al’Rahem’s entire platoon. The Vendetta was eventually shot down but finished off a Riptide before it was lost. Almost all of the outflankers eventually died to Tau counterfire, but he managed to blow away everyone but the legionnaires. However, by then they had done too much damage to the foe and my firebase elements in my deployment zone were able to advance and, along with the penal legion, managed to snag an objectives.

8. Regimental Organization
The Tallarn 23rd follows a fairly “typical” force composition for an Imperial Guard infantry regiment. However, the Imperial Guard is so varied that no regimental structure can really be called typical. The chain of command for the infantry is as follows:
-Regiment: The regiment’s commanding officer is a full colonel (currently Colonel Khomeini) and has 3 infantry battalions (the 7th, 13th, and 14th battalions).
-Battalion Level: Each infantry battalion’s commanding officer is a lieutenant colonel (often jokingly referred to as a light colonel, although never to his or her face). Each battalion has three infantry companies. The batallion commanders are Lt. Colonel Nemo, Lt. Colonel Mata, and Lt. Colonel Jadarat.
-Company: Each company’s commanding officer is a captain. There are nine companies. Each company has six platoons and a company command squad. The company commanders are Captain Scheherazade, Captain Al’Rahem, Captain Abdul, Captain Mousal, Captain Taleb, Captain Haffar, Captain Zaabi, Captain Ali, and Captain Quasim.
-Platoon Level: Each platoon is lead by a First or Second Lieutenant and consists of roughly 5 infantry squads and one command squad on paper (but during a campaign a platoon often consists of 2 to 3 squads as forces become depleted). There are fifty four platoons.
-Squad Level: Each squad is lead by a sergeant, corporal, or, sometimes, a senior private. The paper strength of a squad is 10 troopers. The 23rd is diligent about keeping its line infantry squad size at 10 troopers and will reform squads in order to insure that each squad has 10 troopers.

This is the regimental organization for the infantry troopers, the “dog soldiers” or “poor bloody infantry.” However, like most imperial guard units, the 23rd also contains quite a few specialist troopers. The bulk of these specialist troopers report to regimental level (e.g. Colonel Khomeini attaches them to battalion, company, or platoon commanders depending on where he thinks they will do the most good. These specialist detachments consist of:
-abhuman detachment: ogryns, ratlings, and squads [specific troop strengths classified]
-ecclesiastical detachment: troop strength varies but since Tallarns are more devout than the typical resident of the Imperium, each infantry company usually has at least one itinerant priest attached
-Commissariat detachment: number of commissars and commissar cadets is classified
-Heavy weapons company: 32 heavy weapons teams
-Recon Company: Attached to Regiment:
-Recon Company with 20 rough rider squadrons, 22 sentinel squadrons, 6 “ELINT” squads, 13 salamander scouts, 20 “dune buggy” squadrons

In addition, since the 23rd is a recon regiment, it also features something unique to the imperial guard: sentinel squadrons that are organic to infantry platoons. This means that a scout or sentinel squadron is attached to each of the Tallarn 23rd’s fifty four infantry platoons (although twenty two additional sentinel squadrons are also permanently attached to the 23rd’s recon company). There is often a close rapport between the 3 sentinel pilots and the platoon to which they are attached. The sentinels’ firepower has saved many an infantry platoon and many a sentinel squadron has been saved by the timely appearance of its attached platoon.

Also, when not conducting recon operations, the 23rds’ infantry platoons, companies, and battalions are often reinforced with armored and artillery units from other regiments. For example a squadron of Leman Russes might be assigned to Bravo Company, 13th Battalion, and so forth.

9. Beliefs
The Tau follow a fairly strict and conservative reading of the Ecclesiastical scriptures. For more information, see Lucien Soulban’s Desert Raiders. This novel features an excellent overview of Tallarn religious beliefs.

10. Recruitment
The Tallarn 23rd was a standard annual tithe contributed like the planets. Since the bulk of Tallarn was virus bombed, the planet doesn’t have the wealth and resources of many other Imperium holdings. Consequently, Tallarn contributes most of its annual tithes in the form of women and men who become members of the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy.

11. Local Rituals
The Tallarn 23rd is a veteran regiment. As a result, only about two thirds of its ranks are filled by Tallarns. The rest of the regiment is made up of veteran guard women and men from regiments whose ranks have been so depleted that they have been folded up into other regiments. Consequently, the 23rd’s ranks include Necromundans, Tanith, Valhallans, Cadians, and representatives of a dozen other planets. However, the Tallarn regiments are diligent at teaching these newcomers both the Tallarn style of warfare and the Tallarn culture. A key facet is instructing each non Tallarn newcomer the language and history of the planet Tallarn. After a year, a non Tallarn must pass a lengthy oral exam administered by a board of officers and NCOs. The exam is conducted in the Tallarn language. Only after successfully passing this test does the veteran earn the right to call herself or himself a member of the Tallarn 23rd. All who fail the test are immediately mustered out of the ranks of the Imperial Guard and handed over to the Munitorium to become truck drivers, ammunition bearers, porters, etc.

12. Regimental Banners
Each platoon, company, and battalion in the 23rd has a banner, as does the regiment itself. These banners all feature desert brown, gold, and or purple as primary colors, but otherwise these banners all vary greatly. One feature many banners have is a reference to Tallarn. For example, Alpha Companies’ banner features a camel and palm tree whereas Red Platoon, Alpha Company has a banner featuring an embroidered image of the planet Tallarn as seen from space.

Alpha Company banner bearer

13. Honors/Awards
All awards and honors were revoked from the Tallarn 23rd following the Dallas Drop Zone Debacle. In addition, for the next 15 years, high command consistently refused any requests for awards made by Tallarn 23rd officers and NCOs. However, following the Tallarns successes in last year’s Kingdom Campaign, the Departamento Munitorium and high command have begun granting honors and awards to the regiment again. The highest award earned to date is the Medallion Crimson award issued (posthumously) to Sergeant Mustafa. He single handedly held off an assaulting Eldar jet bike squadron in melee allowing the rest of his platoon to escape. His sacrifice will never be forgotten.

14. Battle Cry
“We are many. They are few.”
Veterans also are known to sometimes shout “We are the speedbumps!” or “Remember Dallas!”

15. Champions of the Regiment
Colonel Nemo (who will probably soon be promoted to a staff position in high command)
Colonel Khomeini
Captain Scheherazade
Sgt. Mustafa (deceased)
Sgt. Achmed
Sgt. Ali Baba
Corporal Sharif
Sgt. Tariq
Sister Badra (ecclesiastical detachment)
Private Throk (abhuman ogryn detachment)
Commissar Heinz (commissariat detachment)

Additional Tallarn 23rd images/battle reports can be found at my Bolter and Chainsword blog:


For the Emperor!

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REGIMENT NAME: Bellemonde 362 Penal Regiment “the Zildous”



Founding World:         Bellemonde, Belzille System, Segmentum Pacificus

Main Colours:             Khaki armour with bone fatigues

Speciality:                   Rehabilitation & training

Battle Cry:                   Our place is here!  Our time is now! 

Current Strength:        4,000 plus 4,000 prisoners



Sergeant Dupuis of 2nd platoon, 3rd company’s armored fist squad



Commisar Baudin leading penal troops in a charge




Belllemonde was once a thriving hive planet, but was virus bombed by one side or the other during the Horus heresy.  However, after turning all the organic matter on the planet to sludge, the mixture failed to ignite, and the planet merely remained highly contagious and uninhabitable for several millennia.   5000 years later, the planet was rediscovered and claimed by the Adeptus Mechanicus, who over the next 3 or 4 millennia slowly plundered the hives for remnants of lost technology.  During this time, the oceans were seeded with fish, which flourished in the nutrient rich seas, and limited efforts were made to make the continents habitable once more.


After the Adeptus Mechanicus concluded that they had obtained all the secrets of this tomb planet, they ceded the world to the Adeptus Ministorium, who in turn transferred it to the Ecclesiarchy.  Located near the middle of the Carmine Path pilgrimage for St. Ivernus, the Ecclesiarchy used Bellemonde to provision and train parishes in surrounding systems.  The planet has since become known for its schola progenum, and for its problem with smuggling - bands of miscreants continue to attempt to plunder the old hive towers, seeking overlooked treasures. 




The 362 Bellemonde was originally a regular combined arms PDF regiment mustered and paid for by the Zildou mercantile company, from which the regiment receives its unofficial moniker “the Zildous”.  It first saw battle 340 years after its founding when Waugh Gofasta swept over the planet.  Unprepared for an onslaught of such magnitude, the authorities tried many stop-gap measures in an attempt to halt the green tide.  One such measure was to empty the planet’s overcrowded jails and arm the convicts (mostly tithe evaders, smugglers, thieves, and squatters), who were then placed under the supervision of regular units like the 362nd PDF.


The Zildous served valiantly during the combat with the orks, taking part in the offensive to break through ork lines to regroup with the adepta sorrorita and militia forces holding the space port.  Despite its heavy casualties, the Zildous performed significantly better than other penal regiments, largely because they used their penal troops as an asset and countercharge unit, rather than simply as cannon fodder.


After the Waugh was dispersed, several other decimated Bellemondian units were folded into the 362, and the 362 was inducted into the Astra Millitarium to replace a reinforcing Imperial Guard regiment that had been destroyed during the combat.  In recognition for its role in defeating the Waugh, and of the uncertain legalities of it being impressed into the Imperial Guard, the Zildous were permitted to keep their original unit designation.




The Zildous specialize in training civilian prisoners into combatants, and with rehabilitating disgraced units.  Both are done in a combat environment, through a system of incentives and punishments.  One of their most visible innovations was to enact a demerit system, where in each penal platoon the convict with the most demerits becomes their “attentat” - in essence a human demolition charge. 




Use of an attendat at the battle of the Allen Park aquifer


The Zildous operate as a combined arms regiment, with heavy armour, scout and transportation assets distributed among its infantry companies.  While this may not be as effective as massing these assets, it allows the regiment to teach combined arms operations, a useful skill for any imperial guardsman, regardless of their regiment of origin.




At full strength, 8 companies of 8 platoons, each platoon with roughly 60-75 soldiers.  Each platoon has attached a penal platoon containing a similar number of convicts.


Attached to each company are heavy armour, scout and transportation assets.  Perhaps the strangest asset the Zildous have is their reconnaissance cavalry, which ride on peculiar xenos beasts called “camels”.





It is also common for a unit of adeptus arbites to accompany shipments of convicts, and for them to fight alongside the 362 Bellemonde.






The penal forces are conscripted out of local jails and concentration camps, or from the remnants of units that have been found deficient in morale or training.


The regular forces are recruited in the normal fashion, and of convicts who elect to remain with the regiment after their punitive detail is completed.




A Zildous infantryman is expected to have 4 items with him at all times: his helmet, boots, lasgun and bayonet.  The bayonet is to be affixed to the lasgun at all times when the lasgun is loaded.  Because of this stricture, many Zildous carry more than one bayonet so as to have a knife available for more "close-in" combat.


To a Bellemondian, clean drinking water is sacred.  As such, each will say a small prayer before drinking, and many carry a tiny flask of water from each planet they have visited.




Call:                 “The Emperor has purpose for all!” Or “This is our Divine duty!”

Reply:              “Our place is here!  Our time is now!”




The regimental symbol is a blue circle bordered in white, under a large red capital “Z”.  It is worn on the right shoulder by regular soldiers.

On the left shoulder is the soldier’s unit marking, which is a 2 colour circle – the top left colour being that of the company, the bottom right the platoon, with their squad number superimposed.  The circle is bordered in gold or silver respectively for the company and platoon commands. 




For penal troops, the right shoulder has the penal marking (a window with 2 bars) and the left has a stripe in the colour of their minder platoon with the penal platoon's 3-digit number.  Penal platoon command squads have a stripe of the appropriate colour with a skull in it, and special weapons squads have the stripe with a triangle.


Banners are carried at the regimental and company levels, though 3rd company suffered the disgrace of having theirs stolen by an ork biker and has since carried an empty banner pole.




Rehabilitation and training are largely thankless jobs, and the regiment hasn’t obtained any particular honours.  It has, however, attracted the eye of Inquisitor Ruminahui, who secured their transfer from PDF to Astra Millitarum and who acts behind the scenes as their patron.  Few within the regiment suspect this, and to most the inquisitor is simply a friendly arbites officer.




The Regiment has served in the following theatres:


1.      The defence of Bellemonde, against the speedfreak orks of Waugh Gofasta.  The Zildous suffered heavy casualties breaking through the ork lines to the star port, allowing PDF units to be reinforced and resupplied.


2.      The claiming of Estadio, an eldar shrine world.  The Zildous’ flamers, attendant bombers and its antiquated griffon artillery were particularly effective against these xenos, with the attendant’s allegedly striking down a phoenix lord.


3.      The rescue of the Allen Park aquifer from desease infected rebel space marines.  Although these traitor marines seemed particularly resistant to the Regiment’s lasfire, concentrated battle cannon blasts and the bravery of the attached penal forces successfully beat back these followers of the Chaos god Nurgle.


4.      The debacle at planet Ottawel, where the Zildous attempted unsuccessfully to beat back the robotic necron menace.  Despite their bravery, the speed and firepower of the xenos’s aircraft proved too much, and the regiment was barely able to hold out until relief forces arrived.  Given that the relief force suffered the same fate, the Zildous were not punished for their failure and the world was abandoned.  The Regiment is now seeking to aquire more anti-aircraft assets.




Recuperating from their losses at Ottawel on the nearby planet of Kinsway, integrating local convicts into their penal platoons and awaiting transport to their next combat zone.

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I, Tweedlebum, GENERAL of the Saf'ti 1st Regiment, in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my REGIMENT and Its honored HISTORY.




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The Saf'ti 1st Regiment - "The Emperor's Wasps"





 MAIN COLOURS: Orange, Black and Yellow

 SPECIALITY: OPTIONAL - The Saf'ti First regiment excels at holding ground, urban combat and extermination warfare. 

 BATTLE CRY: "Freedom in Death"  --- "Liberum Mortis"

 CURRENT STRENGTH: ~3500 Troopers plus  ~1200 prisoner 'Conscripts'

 ALLEGIANCE: Loyal to the Emperor.  Marked for 'special attention' by the Officio Prefectus.




The history of the Saf'ti 1st Regiment precedes the offical date of their first founding.

Forced Labor Camp 184 was a moderately sized prison factory complex on the outskirts of Havenhome, second largest city on the Hiveworld of Saf'ti, in the Segmentum Pacificus.  The Camp contained roughly 50,000 prisoners who performed final assemblage of locally produced Lasgun components.

When the Ork invasion of Saf'ti commenced Havenhome, as the nearest population center, was the focus of their attack.  The order was given to evacuate the hive city, but the fury of the greenskins quickly overwhelmed the local PDF and Havenhome was given up as lost.  When the city was eventually retaken by Cadian Imperial Guard reinforcements, the commanders were surprised by the relatively light resistance.  They were even more surprised to discover that FLC 184, surrounded on all sides by piles of corpses was still held by human forces. 


The battle for the factory had not gone without significant casualties.  Indeed, before the orks even arrived several dozen prisoners and guards were killed when the prisoners discovered they were not to be evacuated by the PDF.  It was only when the orks cut off the last avenue of escape that the Warden was able to come to an agreement with the prisoners.  The warden revealed that he and his guards had been offered a trip out, but had decided to stay and not abandon their charges.  Some of the guards had instead fled into the city, to meet their fate. A few of these deserters survived to return alongside the battered survivors of local PDF squads who had been cut off by the green tide.  These squads brought news that the city had fallen.  The last message they had received via vox from Planetary Command was to "find a worthy death." The deserters were executed by the Warden, but the PDF soldiers were welcomed into the prison walls.  The prisoners, most of whom volunteered to fight, were armed with lasguns from the factory, while the guards focused on manning the few heavier weapons in the armory.

The tall walls and clear lines of fire meant to contain the prisoners instead became their salvation as the greed horde came again and again.  Choosing not to fight provided no safety in the end, as the cell block where the noncombatants were kept suffered a direct hit from a rocket barrage and was destroyed.  Of particular note were the LongLas and Autocannon teams.  Initially manned by guards, as they took casualties prisoners filled their ranks and worked alongside their former captors.  These teams wreaked a dreadful toll among the larger orks and trukks attempting to swarm the prison.  With these forces gone, the greenskin waves stumbled and drew back time and again.  Without these crews, it is likely that the factory would have been completely overrun.  In the end, a scant 4,500 survivors walked free from the rubble that was left of the prison when the Guard arrived.

Afterwards, the prisoners were lauded as heroes of the Imperium.  Valiant soldiers who stood toe to toe with the filthy orks.  But the fact remains that these were prisoners and could only be relied on to cause problems.  The Saf'ti Planetary Governor gave them their freedom, so long as these "heroes" agreed to join the Imperial guard as the first founding of a new regiment.  Many of the surviving guards and PDF were also offered as tribute, not all by choice. 



The Hiveworld of Saf'ti, in the Segmentum Pacificus is a quiet world in the process of converting from an Agriworld to the denser populations of a true hiveworld. 



The Saf'ti 1st Regiment has been utilized throughout the Imperium as a fearsome fighting force, often used as bait to draw out an attack.  The highly visible (and expendable) troopers of the Emperor's Wasps appear to be an irresistible target to mankind's enemies.  The unit has proved hard to wipe out and has acted as the anvil to another unit's hammer for several campaigns.


While their loyalties are often questioned, none can deny their talent for survival in the face of overwhelming odds.  They rarely receive glory for their actions, as their more mobile counterparts seize the glory and prizes made available by the Saf'ti 1st's sacrifice.



Seige, Urban Combat, Methodical Extermination


Primarily an infantry regiment, the Saf'ti first regiment are experts at digging in and using terrain and cover to their advantage.  In urban combat they are as likely to demolish a wall as kick in a door. Forced to wear the bright colors of their regiment by the always watchful commissars, they eschew camouflage and place emphasis on firepower.  The unit often prefers to stand off and wear the enemy down through superior weight of fire. 


Occasionally, orders are orders and the brightly colored uniforms then provides an unexpected boon.  The bright colors and stripes often prove dazzling to the eye, throwing off the aim and making it diffficult to pick individual targets out of the charging wave.  The conscripts are often the first wave of such an attack, blunting the casualties to the more experienced and valuable troops behind.  Such desperate charges and close engagements are often the source of a conscripts chance to run "The Gauntlet" and become a full trooper of the Saf'ti First. Theoretically, the bright camouflage allows artillery and ranged observers to more easily avoid friendly fire.  In practice, this has proved to be sadly lacking.

Without formally trained vehicle specialists, Armor and Fighting vehicles are more commonly used as semi-fixed gun positions in the regiment lines with the ability to redeploy more rapidly and safely than an infantry team.  The vehicles rarely fight on the move and the inexperienced crews must often completely stop to have much chance of hitting their targets.




- Defense of Force Labor Camp 184, Havenhome, Saf'ti

See Origin of the Regiment above.


- Sindicar Campaign

Sent to the Eastern reaches of the Imperium, the Saf'ti First Regiment was deployed as part of an Imperial force to investigate a Tomb World.  The Necrons assaulted the Guard forces in the middle of the night, causing great casualties.  Several allied tank crews were killed by Tesla weaponry.  The ever resourceful Saf'ti regiment managed to recrew these vehicles, due to their control similarity to industrial vehicles and the autocannons with which they were already familiar.  These vehicles were critical to the defense of the camp's perimeter and bought enough time for the Necrons to be repulsed, though with heavy losses.  By the end of the campaign the tanks had been repainted and it was unclear in the chaos of fighting who they should be returned to.  Eventually, the Warden talked the commissars into letting them keep the behemoths and to assist in endorsing limited resupply of these vehicles.


- Defense of Archeological Dig on the Moon of Garrular

A heresy era ruin, emitting a mysterious signal was discovered on an odd moon relatively near the eye of terror and an archeological dig was sent forth to investigate. The Saf'ti first regiment was tasked with security for a small group of Cult Mechanicus investigators.

A group of traitors, dressed in the regalia of the Dark Angels assaulted the dig, but were repulsed by an the plasma of an Executioner pattern tank the regiment had "acquired".  Obviously, the real Astartes would never attack an Imperial Expedition.  Something was recovered, but the secretive Mechanicus kept knowledge of it's nature from the regiment.





Commanding Officer: 'Warden' Jaskin Orgrim



First Company - Infantry with attached special weapons
Second Company - Infantry with attached special weapons

Third Company - Infantry with attached special weapons




The Nameless - Penal "Conscript" squad. See Beliefs.




Commissars x6 - Due to the suspect nature of the unit, a large contingent of commissars has been attached.




Ministorum Priests x 4 - In addition to their normal duties, these priests are primarily attached to the Nameless and oversee the wellbeing and worthiness of the conscripts. 


Specialist units:

Snipers - Survivors of the FLC 184 watchtower detachment as well as prisoners who have shown a talent for accuracy. 


Heavy Weapon teams - Initially equipped with autocannons from the prison, they have been supplemented with Lascannons for dealing with more heavily armored attackers.  These teams are often distributed out to the Infantry platoons at the squad level.  First Company is equipped with Lascannons, Second and Third use Autocannons.



Motor Pool - Responsible for providing and maintaining a small stable of lighter transport/scout vehicles such as Chimeras and Sentinels.  Have mysteriously "acquired" a small number of Leman Russes on the Sindicar campaign, which have been used mostly as fixed cannon emplacements.  The commissars were initially extremely concerned, but noticed that the effort required to keep up the lumbering beasts kept the men busy and out of trouble.  They are permitted… for now.


med_gallery_96733_13030_69904.jpg med_gallery_96733_13030_32346.jpg


Response Squad - The remnants of the highly trained riot response unit for FLC 184, these soldiers are the elite of the regiment.  They work closely with the commissars and the Warden to ensure discipline around civilians or other units.  Only a few trusted prisoners have been permitted to join this unit.  These units have been equipped with hotshot weapons to ensure maximum compliance. 



Unique beliefs and practices.


Do they follow the Imperial Creed or do they have their own belief system? Would a Commissar be welcomed into their ranks?


The bulk of the Saf'ti first regiment clings to the Imperial Creed as a drowning man clings to a floating scrap of wood.  For most, the regiment is their last chance to serve the Emperor.


The Saf'ti first has nearly double the normal complement of commissars.  The regiment was formed primarily of prisoners and their resolve is often unfairly viewed as highly suspect.  The Warden shields who he can from the overzealous commissars, but his power is limited.



How were the soldiers recruited and trained? First-born? Skilled in a style of combat? Did they serve in a youth unit like the Whiteshields of Cadia?


The original members of the Saf'ti 1st were survivors of the ork invasion of Havenhome.  Additional recruitment has mostly come in the form of prisoners who have one last chance at redemption.  These new "Conscripts" are kept in their own formation and kept there until they prove themselves to the rest of the regiment. 




The Saf'ti 1st colors are orange, black and yellow.  Rather than ordinary camoflage, the troops of the Saf'ti First regiment are required to wear these colors at all times.  Only the special Sniper and Response teams are permitted other colors. The troops joke that this is so "The artillery can see where to aim."  While the regiment is not officially a Penal Regiment, they are often not viewed highly by other  units and suffer a higher than average friendly fire rate, despite the colors.

The Nameless:

 Similarly to the prisoners of Forced Labor Camp 184 each conscript is stripped of their name and given a number when he is placed in the Saf'ti First and is tattooed on the chest, upper back and shoulder with that number. They are only known by that number until they have either proven himself or have been killed.  Should a prisoner successfully run the Gauntlet, the number is retired and the prisoner is given a new name by his newfound brothers.


The Gauntlet:

Before a Conscript may officially join the regiment he must run the "Gauntlet".  During the Gauntlet, he must run between two lines of fellow soldiers while being beaten.  The soldiers are reminded that as former prisoners, they are held to a higher standard than most guard units.  If they know of a reason why this Nameless should not be allowed to join, it is up to them to prevent it to save the honor of the regiment. Usually, this consists of open handed slaps or light punches, however a particularly unpopular conscript may discover that the fists may contain weights or shivs.  Should a man fail the Gauntlet and live, he is returned to the conscript battalion from which he may prove himself again.  Normally, the commissars abhor the waste of valuable manpower, however they allow this bloody ritual.  Perhaps it reminds them of their own days in the Schola Progenium.  Any man who is caught routinely injuring or killing conscripts during the Gauntlet without a concrete reason for doing so is dealt with harshly by the commissars.  Should the conscript survive the ordeal, their tattoo is modified with a skull preceding the number.


The Guardians:
In order to reduce tensions between the guards and inmates, each guard was also tattooed with their guard number identification number. Both the guards and original prisoner tattoos are preceded by a Skull set on a Gear.


New Specialists: Outsider troops who are brought in to the Saf'ti First without being nameless are permitted to run the gauntlet.  These troops have so far been small groups who have already proven their worth in combat.  They are tattooed with the last seven digits of their Imperial Identification Number, preceded by an Aquilla.  They are ceremonially regranted their own name, or in rare cases a new name.  In truly special cases, such as Commissars, Priests and Enginseers this process is skipped entirely.



OPTIONAL - An image, description or sketch of the Regimental Banner or Standard and its significance. If not posted in a prior section, this would also be a good place to show the regimental badge and its origin.



Description of specific awards, honorariums and honors.


"Heroes of Saf'ti" - Regimental award granted to the newly formed unit before being exiled tithed to the Imperial Guard.



"Freedom in Death!"  --- "Liberum Mortis"

"The Line Holds"




Colonel Jaskin Orgrim - Referred to as "The Warden" or "The Old Man", Orgrim oversaw the defense of Forced Labor Camp 184 and still commands to this day.  Without Orgrim's iron leadership and pragmatism, it is likely that the guards and prisoners of FLC 184 would have turned on each other long ago.




Captain Lingham Poole - Once a prisoner of FLC 184, the man has a mind for mechanical contrivances.  Before being imprisoned he ran a construction crew.  Inside, he was placed on vehicle maintenance detail for the factories small lifts and trucks.  It was Poole who "borrowed" the first Leman Russ on Sindicar.  He is now in charge of the armor of the Saf'ti First regiment. On the moon of Garrular, he was caught tinkering with an immobilized Leman Russ by an Enginseer but was saved from execution by the timely attack of the traitor Astartes.  He can often be spotted in the commander's hatch of his Leman Russ laughing and jeering his heavy machine onward.


Enginseer Logax Phule - The enginseer who caught Captain Poole messing about with the inner workings of his Leman Russ.  Poole subsequently saved his life with the very Leman Russ that had been considered out of commission.  Logax Phule requested to be assigned to the Saf'ti First Regiment to keep an eye on Poole.


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Neat fluff - I like how we both went very different directions with the idea of "penal regiment" - yours with more emphasis on the convicts, mine on the guards. :)


Inquisitor Psychologis Ruminahui




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Neat fluff - I like how we both went very different directions with the idea of "penal regiment" - yours with more emphasis on the convicts, mine on the guards. smile.png


Inquisitor Psychologis Ruminahui


It was as much an attempt to justify a desire to paint lots of orange and safety stripes as anything.
Of course, now that I know the horrors of yellow... *shudder*

Yours is quite a bit more rational.  I love the attentat and the fact that your troops think that their camels are Xenosbiggrin.png

Tallarn Commander

Tallarn Commander


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Your yellow looks really nice so the effort you put in paid off.

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The Mad Hermit

The Mad Hermit


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I, The Mad Hermit, GENERAL of the 4th Elyam Light Rifles, in the name of the EMPEROR, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my REGIMENT and Its honored HISTORY.

What a long, strange trip it's been....




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I Leon Audacity, make this oath to submit the complete history of my regiment...



IMG 5310
IMG 5202 (640x480)
IMG 5200 (640x480)

 4th Cadian Tatonka Regiment “317th Raging Buffalo’s”


 Colour Scheme: Cadian Colour scheme


Battle Cry: "The Emperor is Watching"

Battle Doctrine: Blunt force, surgical strikes, blot out the sun, agents of the imperium. A multi-tool for each instance.

Specialty: Blending force multipliers and recruitment.

Strength: Approximately four-thousand strong.



 Creation of the regiment:



Raised on Cadia some seventeen years ago, eight-thousand strong, under suspicion of another impending Black Crusade. The regiments main focus and mission was to be tasked as a rapid reaction force within the Cadian sector to aid in suppressing any chaos cult uprisings, or any unwelcomed activity within the sector. Such was the task assigned to the regiment, it was complimented with equipment and personal to tackle multiple roles so it could adapt as required. The regiment was assigned Imperial Navy support craft to ferry troops on the battle field and benefited from Chimera troop transports, Leman Russ variants, and artillery support to complement the guardsmen. At times a complement of Scions were known to work along-side the regiment for more ‘delicate’ missions. Rumor had it that assassins travelled with the small fleet, these rumors were always unsubstantiated.  The regiment would remain stationed in a small Imperial Navy fleet around the hot zones of the sector, performing proactive patrols. Small complements of the regiment would be assigned on planets in the area to oversee that compliance was met by the local population of troubled areas. The regiment would assist in some of these roles as advisors to planetary governors and to aid in the training of planetary defence forces.









The regiment has been deployed multiple times near full strength within the Cadian sector where it has assisted in the utter destruction of chaos cult uprisings on three worlds within a six year period. Light casualties were sustained in the majority of the actions due to the use of overwhelming firepower and the use of cunning strategy. To ensure the ranks were kept to full complement, the recruitment of conscripts from a select few who showed promise from local planetary defence forces the regiment assisted in training were blended throughout the regiment (strictly overseen by regimental Commissars). Eventually, some conscripts who showed enough promise were rolled into the regular troop rotation after proving themselves on the battlefield and developing the necessary skills. The regiment became well versed in supressing uprisings within the sector and gained renown for such feats. 




On one accession the regiment received a call for assistance from a planetary governor within the sector. The planetary governor advised the regiment that the regiment was requested to land in the capitol to assist the PDF and fortify the city from a suspected attack from a rogue regiment of the PDF that was suspected to be worshipping chaos. The PDF regiment in question had been reported to have ceased all communication with the capitol some five weeks prior. The regiment landed and began bolstering the cities defences immediately for a suspected attack. As the regiment was busy in their chores, the local PDF forces of the city began to cut down some of the regiment. It was partly due to a Commissar Leon Audacity, who was recently assigned to the regiment, that the 4th only suffered some seven-hundred casualties in the ambush. Audacity informed command prior to planet fall that the regiment would not be staying in the barracks provided by the planetary governor and would instead build their own make shift barracks using regimental armour as cover for the troops. The uprising in the city was swiftly supressed with an aggressive counter attack from the regiment that only saw a further nine-hundred and seven casualties. The head of the traitor planetary governor was swiftly removed  by an implanted assassin that was already in the governor’s bodyguard. It was rumored that command in the regiment had prior intelligence of the taint suspected in the city. The loss of men was deemed acceptable to accomplish the mission. It was later learned that the PDF forces en-route to the city were assembled adhoc to contest the planetary governor. The governor had been sending small groups of his cities PDF to extort unreasonable tithes, and execute those who could not meet his unreasonable demands.




An inquisition ship soon appeared in low orbit of the planet and met with the regiment’s commander. It was later learned that the regiment had been tasked by the inquisition to supress all of the local PDF on the planet that were suspected of being tainted. No mercy was shown in this mission. The regiment was further assisted with a detachment of inquisitorial Scions (later learning that Commissar Audacity used to lead them). It was with this knowledge that command learned that Commissar Audacity had been planted within the regiment by the inquisition as their contact. This later explained why the regiment was rapidly able to receive equipment, manpower, Navy assistance, and other specialized operatives who assisted in missions with the regiment without so much as a second request. The regiment would remain mopping up the taint of heresy on this planet for the next 10 months. The issue on this world was larger than first suspected. Orders were on a need to know basis, no questions were asked.




Soon after the regiment was left by the inquisition and kept under the watchful eye of its agent, Commissar Audacity. The regiment recovered, and was rapidly brought back up to full strength, remaining on standby within the sector.  The fleet the regiment was stationed on was tasked with intercepting a small Dark Elder pirate fleet that was sighted in the sector. A Dark Elder vessel was sighted near the Cadian Gate, the Imperial fleet attentively gave chase on the fringes of the Eye of Terror. The Dark Elder vessel appeared to remain drifting after its engines  suddenly died, leaving it drifting at the mercy of space. The Imperial fleets targeting relays proved ineffective due to interference by being in close proximity to the Eye of Terror. Command decided a swift aggressive boarding action of the Dark Elder vessel would quickly bring an end to the skirmish and allow the fleet to safely remove themselves from mouth of the Eye of Terror. The Imperial fleet sent its best compliments from the regiment as expediently as possible into action to end the Dark Elder threat. The boarding action was quick and bloody, costing the regiment dearly in number for ever meter gained in the Dark Elder vessel as ground was made toward the bridge.




Upon entering the bridge, the Scion vanguard learned that the crew of the bridge were all slain, as if torn apart by an animal. A lone Succubi was found cackling in a deamonic tone in the vessels command chair. Blood was trickling from her mouth “foolish humans… if only you knew your impending doom”, a round quickly found its home between the eyes of the Succubi from Commissar Audacity’s bolt pistol. Upon the death of the Dark Elders leader, multiple reports were received of warp flux interferences by all of the Imperial fleet’s vessels. Shipboard alarms and klaxons sounded to indicate the peril the fleet were in. The regiments boarding parties nervously got back to the Imperial fleet as the Eye of Terror seemed to be manifesting strange behaviour that caused interference with communications. The Imperial fleet  began to lose power from their engines and were slowly drifting toward the Eye of Terror, as if pulled sadistically by an unseen rope. Deamonic laughter could be heard intermittently over the com relays. After assessing the impending danger of the situation, captains of the vessels had ordered their crews to work frantically to restore engine power. After three hours of desperate attempts, warp drives were brought online, but no other engine power was readily available. One of the fleets scout ships, the Swiftsure, was getting pulled toward the raging hell-mouth of crackling purple and red electrical storms erupting from the sinister Eye of Terror. It was here that the ships life could be seen to slip away as if silently being straggled and taunted by the evil that lay ahead. Screams could be heard from the Swiftsure before coms crackled and fell silent. The senior captain of the fleet decided to call for all ships to make emergency warp translation without a course plotted. The last words received by the captain were “may the Emperor protect”…






Warp Translation:




…Eventually, the lost ships of the Imperial fleet began to surface through the immaterium one at a time over the coming seven weeks, four ships in total. Two of the ships were never seen again. The bulk of the regiment seemed to have survived the encounter. It was later learned that approximately twenty crew members and twelve of the rank and file of the regiment aboard the Emperors Mercy were executed, due to bouts of insanity that left them gibbering wrecks. Two of which attempted to kill other crew. Commissar Audacity immediately ordered the executions. It was later learned from the vessels captain that the Gellar field had flickered on and off briefly during translation. All of the ships sensor arrays were offline in the fleet. The astropathic choir on each ship was tasked with sending distress calls out for assistance. Navigators on all vessels over the following twenty-four hours reported blinding migraines that hampered their ability to see into the warp. Almost as if the call for distress was answered, senor relays and onboard ship support systems came online two hours later. The Imperial fleet learned that they were spat out of the immaterium just north of the Hadex anomaly in the Eastern Fringe. The fleet was alone and unable to reach any other Imperial vessels or worlds through ship communications. Astropaths and navigators onboard the ships reported increasing headaches and the inability to concentrate, almost as if there was a strong presence in the warp manifesting. As a result, the fleet was unable to plot a safe warp translation due to the choir and navigators being effected by the warp interference.  One of the navigators aboard the Iron Duke fell to the ground with blood seeping from his ears, screaming “Tyranids… I…I, have seen them”. The navigator died screaming seconds later. One hour later, ship sensors began lighting up with hundreds of large organic ship like signatures. Reports came in that the signatures would fall upon the small Imperial fleet with the hour. It was uncertain where they had come from. An emergency war council was held, it was decided to try and use a large number of the Astropath choir to send an emergency warning to the Imperium of this threat. The Choir all perished in the attempt, screaming with blood oozing out of their ears. The backlash from the warp proving too great for their minds to counter.




Emergency warp translation was called for again. Only one of the fleets navigators was able to take up this task… then the Gellar fields were reported to have failed onboard the Retributions End (carrying much of the regiments artillery and armour). All crew aboard prayed to the Emperor…






Beyond the Halo Stars:




Only three ships emerged, the Iron Duke, Imperial Divinity (Carrying HQ), and the Hound of the Emperor (carrying the bulk of the regiment). Roughly four-thousand of the regiment remained. The dying screams could be heard of ship’s crew from the Retributions End as the ships travelled through the warp, as if to taunt those aboard the other ships. It was almost as if a large shadow like hand had enveloped the Retributions End, preventing it from reaching the destination of its sister ships.




The small fleet travelled in the warp without a plotted course, lost for one year, although it seemed like an eternity in this hellish place. Crew moral was kept in check with strict discipline, likewise for the regiment. Daily routines were strictly followed and harshly enforced by command so that all parties knew what was expected. It was a welcomed distraction from the loss of the other ships and their predicament.




Eventually, the fleet re-entered real space somewhere believed to be in the region of the Halo Stars. It was only a chance encounter with a rogue trader that the Fleet and the regiment was able to be replenished and put back on course to their home world of Cadia. The regiment had learned that Cadia had come under siege from another Black Crusade. Everyone in the regiment cursed upon hearing this news. From officer class to rank and file, everyone vowed to return and bring retribution down on those that sought to destroy their home world.




There was an unmentioned compromise made with the rogue trader in exchange for the assistance, replenishing of stores, and gifting of astropaths and navigators to assist the regiment on its voyage home. Suspicion arose when rumour spread that the rogue trader had an inquisitor onboard, travelling no doubt on an Inquisition agenda unknown to all but a select few. It was best not to ask questions, everyone had learned that already.




Who knows what the regiment will find when they return to the Cadian system…






The regiment today:




The regiment, although smaller in number, is skilled in recruiting and getting back to combat strength. There are reports that it still has a good compliment of vehicles to assist in its tasks and missions (benefiting from strings that can be pulled as and when needed). The regiment has earned its nickname as it has seemed to have covered a vast area similar to policing of old in ancient Canada of the mounted police. These ancient police would travel on horseback to ensure the peace of the land was kept and relations with the First Nations population were kept positive as the law was enforced.


To this day, the regiment is returning home, uncertain of its standing in these dark days ahead. The regiment is unsure where it will next be deployed, but it always seems to have a direction…







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I, Ikka, General of the 6th Mournhold Grenadiers, in the name of the glorious Emperor of Mankind and the Omnissiah, make this Oath of Moment to submit a complete history of my Regiment and its honored history.





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Apologies fraters, didn't read the deadline well enough and was away from my data until today. Anyway, better late than never.

6th Mournhold Grenadiers


▪ FOUNDING WORLD: Mournhold, Trantor System, Segmentum Obscurus
▪ MAIN COLOURS: Grey steel-cloth fatigues, steel breastplate/helms
▪ SPECIALITY: Heavy assault, urban pacification, and hive-city combat.
▪ BATTLE CRY: "On our honor, for the Emperor, the Omnissiah, and the Lion!!"
▪ CURRENT STRENGTH: Approximately 10,000- A double-strength regiment and attached specialist companies.
▪ ALLEGIANCE: Loyalty split between the Emperor, Adeptus Mechanicus, and the Dark Angels.

The 6th Mournhold Grenadiers were founded in the midst of the Great Crusade, after the Trantor system was liberated from a sentient thinking-machine by the 1st Legion and the Mechanicum. The peoples of the system were so grateful to their saviors that they pledged to serve them in perpetuity. Thus the Mournhold Grenadiers were born, each Founding has actually raised three identical regiments- one to serve the Emperor, one to serve the Cult Mechanicus, and one to serve the 1st Legion. After the Heresy, when the Imperial Army was separated from the Astartes and Mechanicus, the Mournhold regiments still swore their oaths to the three liberators of their system, and although they no longer are directly serving under the Dark Angels or the tech priests, they still heed the counsel of the 1st Legion and the Cult of the Machine God. Mourn hold regularly sends liaison detachments to both the Dark Angels and the Adeptus Mechanicus for cross-training from all regiments, reinforcing ancient vows while still technically obeying the Imperium’s laws.
Mournhold, capital planet of Trantor system,  Segmentum Obscurus. Mournhold is a military world, its only export is fighting men and machines for the Imperium. Two other planets in the system provide manufacting and agriculture fodder for the ravening appetite of Mournhold’s military.
All of Mournhold’s surface is devoted to training and equipping the Imperial Guard regiments it breeds. From desolate swamps to blizzards to hives and urban wreckage, the Mournhold Grenadiers are trained in all forms of combat and all terrains.
The 6th is currently returning to active duty, completing a recruitment/integration cycle of three years after a two-decade long campaign in the Reppilian Waste Cleansing. Long-service veteran troopers have cycled out to become instructors and new blood has been infused into the regiment. Given the current threats that the Imperium is under, the normal four thousand strong regiment has now more than doubled in troop strength. This massive increase is designed both to provide more combat strength on the battlefield and to absorb the large losses that a full war will inevitably cause without diminishing the regiment to uselessness. A detachment from the Mechanicus-pledged 15th Grenadiers has been attached to the 6th as well, a heavy augmented scout company and attached specialists. Also departing with the 6th Grenadiers are the 30th Armored regiment, a force of two hundred Leman Russ tanks and variants. A battle ready regiment is set to depart from Mournhold to reinforce beleaguered Astra Militarum forces in Segmentum Solar.
The Mournhold Grenadiers are a heavy assault regiment. Ten thousand men in grey fatigues and steel breastplates swarm across a battlefield, artillery shells covering them and mechanized platoons supporting Sentinel squads to trap the enemy in a deadly crossfire. The 6th Grenadiers are especially known for urban assault and hive pacification, a result from the decades of fighting in the Reppilian Waste hive-wars.
War of the Depths- Tasked with clearing out a Xenos Hrud infestation on Feller III, the 6th Grenadiers fought a ten day battle in the depths of the Hrud’s warren-hold. Braving the fusil shots of the warren-king’s kinsmen, the veteran command squad was able to rip out the heart of the beasts’ morale by immolating the king and his immediate brethren. Upon leaving the warrens, the regiment was dismayed to find that they had physically aged nearly ten years in the ten day battle.
Battle of Kil’ul- Together with the Dark Angels, the newly formed 6th Grenadiers led a compliance action against the reaver-eldar of Kil’ul. Many lives were lost, but at the end of a month the slaver-lords of Kil’ul had retreated from their human worlds and fled to some shadowy stronghold away from the reach of the Imperium.
Reppilian Waste Cleansing- A twenty-year long crusade against the heretic Lord Governor Zhil of the Reppilian Waste systems. A system of four hive-worlds, the campaign was bogged down by various incompetence orders of the Lord Marshal Xukiva and ground to war of attrition. Due to their skill as urban combatants, the Mournhold Grenadiers were able to keep casualties to a minimum while completely gutting two rebel hives. The final blow was struck when a killteam comprised of Squad Quarrel of the 6th Grenadiers, Inquisitor Rigen of the Ordo Hereticus, and Colonel Luc of the Grenadiers destroyed the hive spire of Reppilian Prime, sending Governor Zhil to his Chaotic masters.
The regiment is organized into fast-response veteran squads. Each squad contains two specialist weapon troopers for mobile firepower, while the heavier weapons are deployed in dedicated squads to provide maximum firepower on threats. If needed, the regiment’s platoons are deployed by various vehicles, whether these are airborne, ground-based, or void vehicles depend on the specific threat and battlefield.
The Mournhold Grenadiers are equipped with Melchon-pattern lascarbines, steel-cloth anti-ballistic fatigues, ceramite breastplates, and a visored, clamshell helm with integrated communications and targeting capabilities. Due to their closeness with Melchon forgeworld, all Mournhold regiments are able to stay equipped at this high level.
The Mournhold believe in the Imperial cult, and the God-Emperor of Mankind. They also venerate the Machine-God of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Primarch Lion El’Jonson of the 1st Legion. These three beings form the holy triarch of Mournhold, the belief that all three together came to rescue the system from the evil mechanical overlord eons ago. Worship of the Omnissiah and the Primarch are seen as minor by the Ecclesiarchy, as the Mournhold do not show any special ceremonies or reverence considered heretical to any Ministorum representatives. To the Ecclesiarchy, the minor beliefs such as blessing a blade before battle to the Lion or a complicated plan of battle to the Omnissiah are acceptable.
What is not known to the Adeptus Ministorum is that the Mournhold believe far more deeply that the Lion and the Omnissiah than would be considered proper to those not of the Mechanicus or Astartes. While the Emperor is the over-seeing God, the Lion is his right hand of judgement, a proven battle-god that is invoked when the warriors of Mournhold feel the fury of bolt and blade. The Omnissiah is the Steel Advisor, the puzzle-breaker, the master of intricacies. The Mournhold ask for the Advisor’s blessing before any task of suitable complexity- whether that is a campaign plan for destroying an enemy or simply loading a grenade launcher, the Omnissiah is invoked.
While this excess worship verges on the heretical, both the Ecclessiarchy and the Commissariat have no complaints or any issue of lack of faith with the Mournhold. Commissars are generally treated fairly within the regiments- the harsh training and discipline that the grenadiers are held to since their enrollment mean that commissars rarely have any sort of rank insubordination or criminal activity that may occur in other, less disciplined troops. The only regular “suspected” loss of commissars seems to happen when certain commissars view tactical retreat and re-engagement as cowardice. The Commissariat has begun to assign more flexible commissars to the Mournhold regiments, as the loss of valuable troops and commissars from these minor misunderstandings is viewed as a regrettable waste of potential. More traditionalist-leaning commissars have been re-assigned to overseeing the Reppilian penal legions.
Mournhold Grenadiers are raised to be soldiers. From primary school the children are trained and molded into soldiers with harsh physical conditioning, barrages of intelligence/placement tests, and minor mental indoctrination.
At the age of ten the inductees are separated into companies and squad which will be their companions throughout training. Training involves a comprehensive set of schooling on Imperial weaponry and vehicles, tactics, survival on hostile worlds, Xenos biology/weaponry, and assorted other subjects. Those with certain aptitudes, such as latent psykers, mechanical leanings, or possible Inquisitorial bent are sent on to either be trained in specialist schools or sent on to entities like the local Inquisition, Forgeworld Melchon, or the Black Ships. Failures during training will relegate inductees to various disciplinary sanctions including punishment details, neuro-scourging, penal legion induction, or, for those judged too damaged, made into servitors.
After seven years of intense training, the inductees are randomly assigned to a Grenadier or Armored regiment that requires recruits. These new soldiers may then be further sent to specialist training such as special/heavy weapons, logistics, communications, or Scout/Sniper schooling. Only after all special assignments have been finished will an inductee report to their new regiment and receive the aquila brand of an Imperial soldier and the change of designation from inductee to Grenadier.
Mournhold holds several rituals of deep spiritual significance and the Grenadiers on campaign strive to perform them even in the midst of a war.
Day of Liberation: Celebrating the victory by the forces of the Dark Angels and Melchon forgeworld over the sentient machine-moon, the liberation of Trantor system.
 The Puzzle-croft: The Mournhold will inscribe a wooden/steel ball with a complex puzzle pattern to reflect on the incalculable intricacy that the Omnissiah is capable of.
The Bladestrum: Champions of squads/companies/regiments will compete against each other in a sword contest. The traditional weapon is an Astartes battle-blade, nearly a sword to mortal men, and the winner of the contest is the one to score first blood to the torso.
The standard of the 6th Grenadiers is a simple one. A green field, a black moon, and a white starburst on the moon. A numeral six is imprinted on the lower right of the field.

Description of specific awards, honorariums and honors.
"On our honor, for the Emperor, the Omnissiah, and the Lion!!"
General Finn Culcalis- First general of the Mournhold Grenadiers, General Culcalis is a legend to all regiments. His tactical wisdoms are required reading for officer candidates and his treatise on the Eldar reaver-pirates breed has been praised by the Ordo Xenos for particular insights into the mysterious fiends.

Colonel Croman Luc- The current commander of the 6th Grenadiers, Luc is a shaven-headed, scholarly looking man with a spine of steel. A brilliant fencer, Colonel Luc strikes with much the same style in battle as he does in swordplay- quick, decisive thrusts that cripple the enemy while exposing little of his own to retribution.

Killteam Quarrel- Legendary for their destruction of the Reppilian hive-spire, this team of specialist has been reformed under Sergeant Killian to lead and train a new generation of hive-killers. They are among the first units sent into a new battlefield, using their skills to diagnose the enemy plans and sow discord behind the lines.




Edit- After looking at my banner again, I noticed it looking a little...Hitler-ie. To combat that, I'll switch the red to green similar to the pic of the infantryman. That'll make it less awkward.

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What is the terror of death? That we die, our work incomplete. But what is the joy of life? To die, knowing our task is done.

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