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+++ Loyalty & Treachery III +++

L&T LT III Loyalty & Treachery III

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Captain Semper

Captain Semper


  • 16,599 posts

The Inner Circle presents:





In this time of betrayal, when brother turns against brother and no one can be trusted… A time where heroes become villains and villains pass for heroes! This is the time to throw away the façade of the past and show your true colours!
In a Galaxy in Flames, are you a Loyalist or a Traitor?
Welcome to the third incarnation of “Loyalty and Treachery”!
Yes, it’s the third year of this event. What started off as an impulsive move out of the fascination with the new setting, now it appears to have a steady and increasing following!
The veterans of the L&T are well-aware of the workings of the event and many sport the badges of the Consul of their preference in their signature already! But will they be able to rise to the challenge again this year? Only time will tell!
For those who have not participated before, let me tell you a few things about the L&T and its aims:
I find it often to be the case that many projects that start with great enthusiasm tend to run out of steam and eventually lose momentum. The result is a unit here and a unit there and, despite the expense and the effort invested in said units, they cannot be put together to form a proper army on the table-top. So, they are shelved and doomed to gather dust or end up on ebay in an attempt to recover at least some of their cash value.
However, money concerns aside, it only takes a reasonably small effort to build a modest sized army, one you can still play a proper (if small) game with. The trick is to keep some discipline and not to let the project linger for too long, because new distractions will inevitably divert you to seek new endeavours.
“Loyalty and Treachery” is a motivational event aiming to help participants to build up of their Horus Heresy armies in a reasonably short time frame. I would like to stress here that this is NOT a competition. It’s an event where everyone who sees it through will end up with a significant number of units ready for the table top or even a whole playable army in its own right! So, those starting new projects and those building on existing ones are equally welcome and hopefully equally motivated!
Those who achieve their aim will receive the honorary title of “Consul of the Legion” and a badge to commemorate his/her efforts – see “Becoming a Consul” below.
“Loyalty and Treachery” is setting a target to build at least three (3) legal Horus Heresy units in the next 3 months.
This means on average 1 unit each month. However, this is not a strict limit but rather a good way to measure your progress. Obviously, the addition of a super-heavy for example may take more than a month to complete but this may be counterbalanced by painting two less demanding units in the next month. Also, it is possible to work on more than one unit simultaneously. There is no cap on the maximum amount of units that one can build – just manage your time wisely.
The “Grand Design” is the essence of the event. Although, at face value, this is about painting minis (and if you do just that, you’ll be eligible for the Titles and the badges as described below) the event tries to tie together the gaming aspect of the hobby and even the background!
The basic target of Loyalty & Treachery is to motivate people to build playable Horus Heresy armies. As such, participants are invited to present a legal army list highlighting the units they intend to paint during the event. You don’t have to paint all the units in your army list; indeed, you may have already started on your army and just want this extra push to finish it. But by displaying your entire army on paper will show how everything fits into the big picture and will help you to choose your units based on table top needs – not to optimize them for the event purposes.
The army list will also help participants stay on track, especially as new toys coming from FW (or other sources) may distract them. Having said that though, new toys may present a better fit to your army or a better painting challenge for you and you might want to alter your list during the event. That’s fine but the important thing is not to lose focus.
The size of the list is immaterial – points DO NOT MATTER in this event. You can work towards a kill-team sized force of just three units in total or an Apocalypse size army that will take Terra by storm! This is left on the appetite of the individual participant. However, participants should not feel restricted to a single Legion. The pledged units can be from different Legions/factions (could be part of an allied detachment, a shattered Legions’ army or it could be that you are working on two forces in parallel) but it’d be advisable to remain focused on playable force(s).
Of course, it’s also possible to just do whatever sparks your interest, building units here and there and not bother with a playable army at all - it’ll be a missed opportunity but lovingly painted miniatures will never be turned away on my watch!
As a last point, participants are invited to add further colour to their armies by providing a small background to their force or force commander. We’re not looking for extensive “Index Astartes” style articles here (after all this is still the Forge – not the Lore section) but something to give context to your project and let us share your vision. That way all the elements of the hobby (modelling/painting, gaming & background) will be tied together!
There are only three simple rules in "Loyalty and Treachery".

  • PLEDGED UNITS: You must pledge to paint at least three units in the next three months. Each unit pledged must be a “legal” entry from an official list from a Forgeworld Horus Heresy series publication. This means that each unit must observe all the parameters of the corresponding entry of the official list such as minimum numbers, correct equipment, weapons etc. WYSIWYG should be observed to the best of one’s ability.
  • PAINT QUALITY: It is expected that models will be easily recognizable as belonging to each participant’s Legion of other faction of choice; but this is not a Golden Daemon kind of contest. In fact it’s not even a contest, so all painting skill levels are very welcome. Having said that, participants are expected to paint to the best of their ability – besides the miniatures are far too expensive to consciously make a sub-par job on them! So make this effort a showcase of your abilities, no matter your experience or skill level!
  • EVIDENCE OF PROGRESS: Participants must provide a starting picture and a finished picture of each unit they have pledged. They are also invited to provide WIP picture of their project regularly – just to keep things moving at a reasonable pace. At the end of the three months, you’ll be asked to provide a “group shot” i.e. a picture of your entire force that you painted during the event so that we can make a showcase with the outcome of the second L&T.

The event will start on January 15th, 2017 and will end after a 3-month period on April 15th, 2017. Participants can join at any point during this period but the earlier one commits the more time to complete his/her project. 
As an incentive, “Loyalty and Treachery” uses a system of “Honorary Titles”. The title can be carried in the participants’ signature in the form of a small banner. Note that there is no implied hierarchy between them and each has its own merit! Now the best part is that there is no penalty for failing! If a participant does not make it, he/she will not be awarded a title, and that’s all there is to it…
So what are the titles, and what does one has to do to obtain them? Well, here goes: 
Legion Centurion: This title is awarded to anyone who makes the target i.e. to build at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months. It shows a serious commitment to the Heresy setting and participants should be rightly proud to wear it!
Legion Champion: This is a title to reward output. Anyone who makes double the target i.e. paints at least 6 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months will be awarded this title. The sheer size of minis painted certainly warrants this distinction!
Legion Chaplain: This is a title to reward zeal. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 2 months from the beginning of the event (i.e. until March 15th) will be awarded this title. This unrelenting single mindedness surely deserves the Crozius!
Legion Forgelord: This title is for the treadheads. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 12 HP in their force will be awarded this title. Bring the tanks forth!
Legion Delegatus: This title is for the chosen of the Primarch! Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least one Primarch will be awarded this title. For the Primarch and the Legion!
Magos: This is a title to reward the followers of the Omnissiah. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 3 units from any Mechanicum lists will be awarded this title. For the Glory of Mars!!!

Legate Commander: This is a title to reward those among us that will take on the Solar Auxila cause. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 3 units from the Solar Auxilia and/or the Imperialis Militia & Cults Army lists will be awarded this title. Go mortals!

Seneschal: This is a title for the Knights’ fanatics. Anyone who makes the target i.e. paints at least 3 legal Horus Heresy units in 3 months and includes at least 1 Knight will be awarded this title. Knights are large models and demand all the attention one can give them so building even one in the period of three months is a great challenge. Remember though, there should be at least two more legal Horus Heresy units in the pledge, and all must be competed to be eligible for the title.
Princeps: This is a title is for the for the Titan Legions! It is also the only type of entry that does not require building 3 legal units. If you paint a single Titan until the end of the event, you’ll be eligible for this most prestigious of awards and rightly so! Any kind of Titan qualifies!
It is possible that a participant may accomplish more than one of the above tasks and therefore to be eligible for more than one title. In that case he/she can choose which title to carry in their signature.

As a new and fun element for this year, participants are invited to pledge for either the Loyalist or the Traitor side once they declare participation in the event. You can declare your allegiance irrespective of the Legion you’re painting as there were loyalist elements within Traitor Legions and traitorous elements within Loyalist Legions. So, all you need to do is decide which side you want to support and then try to become a Centurion!

The side with the most Centurions by the end of the event will be winning a moral victory, called: the “Moral High Ground”! Note that only the Centurion title will count, even if a participant is eligible for other Consul titles as well. The only exception to the above is the title of Princeps. Princeps’ will count as Centurions for the purposes of the “Moral High Ground”.


All who participate (regardless of success) may wear the following badge in their signature if they so desire:



I’m really happy to see the L&T catching on and people embracing the event. It’s first incarnation was back in 2013 but then, due to real life constraints, it fell silent for a while. It was reinstated in January 2016 and now we are keeping the date for a second year running. Our intention is to continue to keep our annual appointment so long as people are interested to play along!

I would like to draw attention to the “Moral High Ground” feature that we’re introducing this year. With this feature, we approach the Horus Heresy (for painting event purposes) not as a single faction but as a rich and complex background with many factions with different agendas. This move comes in the wake of the large amount of cumulative releases by FW and GW, that have, by now, eliminated whatever bias there was in previous years towards the Traitor faction. With the release of the Inferno imminent at the time of writing this, the ever-popular Space Wolves get covered (as well as the Thousand Sons of course), while the remaining Loyalists (White Scars, Blood Angels and Dark Angels) have upgrade kits and some Legion-specific rules already out there.

Going forward I cannot exclude the possibility to see this division taking shape in other events in the near future.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions regarding the event, publicly or through PMs – I’m notoriously fast in my replies! But remember: B&C & Forge rules must always, ALWAYS be followed. So be aware of that… *polishes his melta*




So, this is it! Now, who’s brave enough to take on the battlefields of the 31st millennium?
Captain Semper
Member of the Inner Circle
Master of Recruits

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Captain Semper

Captain Semper


  • 16,599 posts


Number of participants: 48

Number of Centurions: 22


List of participants (alphabetical)


200plus [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Iron warrior tactical squad (x10) COMPLETE

2. Dark Angel Tactical Squads (x10)

3. Dark Angel Tactical Squads (x10)

4. Tartaros Terminator Squads (x8)

5. Tartaros Terminator Squads (x5) COMPLETE

6. Dark Angel Sicaran (x1) COMPLETE



1. Tactical Squad (x10) COMPLETE
2. Drop Pod
3. Drop Pod
4. Dreadnought Drop Pod
5. Dreadclaw Drop Pod
6. Azhek Ahriman


Barabbas Sogalon

1. Death Guard Delegatus (failed ETL vow)

2. Death Guard Centurion

3. Sons of Horus Praetor

4. Sons of Horus Centurion


BattleBrotherJohn [Centurion]

1. Delegatus in Cataphractii  Terminator armour COMPLETE

2. Terminator squad ( 5 figures ) Cataphractii Terminator armour COMPLETE

3. Contemptor Dreadnought COMPLETE

4. Primarch Rogal Dorn COMPLETE


Bladewolf [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, Forge Lord, Seneschal]

1. Predator Executioner COMPLETE

2. Predator Destructor COMPLETE
3. Alexis Pollux COMPLETE

4. Predator COMPLETE

5. Outriders with Plasma guns COMPLETE
6. Outriders stock with power swords COMPLETE
7. Outriders stock with power swords COMPLETE

8. Javelin Land Speeder Squadron COMPLETE

9. Space Wolves' Praetor COMPLETE

10. Terminator Command Squad COMPLETE

11. Lightning Strike Fighter COMPLETE

12. Space Wolves Praetor COMPLETE
13. Vith Legion Speaker of the Dead COMPLETE
14. Veteran Tactical Squad (x3) COMPLETE
15. Spartan Assault Tank COMPLETE

16. Knight Castigator COMPLETE

17. ForgeLord COMPLETE

18. Land Raider COMPLETE


Blissful Brushes

1. Ultramarines Legion Veteran Tactical Squad - 5 (Vox, Vexilla, not decided on final loadout)

2. Ultramarines Legion Centurion - 1 (FW limited edition Power Fist)
3. World Eaters Legion Veteran Tactical Squad - 5 (Vexilla)


Brother-Captain Gillead [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Tactical veterans COMPLETE

2. Praetor / siege breaker consul COMPLETE

3. MK1C Deimos rhino COMPLETE

4. Tactical squad,

5. Chaplain consul

6. Praetor in cataphractii armor


Brother Dallo[Centurion]

1. Caliver support squad (x5) COMPLETE

2. Caliver support squad (x5) COMPLETE



Brother Pheidias [Centurion]

1. Caestus Assault Ram COMPLETE
2. Veterans armed for close combat (x10) COMPETE
3. Scimitar Jetbikes (x6) COMPLETE


Brightstar [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Tactical Squad (x10) COMPLETE

2. Tactical Squad (x10) COMPLETE

3. Tartaros Terminator Squad (x5) COMPLETE

4. Veteran Tactical Marines w/Combi-Meltas (x5) COMPLETE

5. Whirlwind Artillery Tank


Checkmate [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Delegatus COMPLETE

2. Contemptor Dreadnought COMPLETE

3. Tactical squad (x10) COMPLETE


Cpt Ventris

1. Contemptor Dread

2. Mortis Contemptor Dread

3. Tactical Support Squad with flamers (x10)



1. Contemptor

2. Breacher Squad (x10)
3. Cataphractii Terminators (x5)


Cryptix [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Knight Errant of the Space Wolves legion COMPLETE

2. Sisters Argentum of the Sisters of Silence (x5) COMPLETE

3. Tactical Support Squad (plasma) COMPLETE


Deamon Wolf [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, Delegatus]


2. Tactical squad (x10) COMPLETE

3. Tactical squad (x10) COMPLETE

4. Tactical squad (x10) COMPLETE

5. Termi Wolf guard Squad (x5)

6. Sicaran MBT's (x2)

7. Destroyer squad (x10) COMPLETE

8. Tactical support squad (x10)

9. Contemptor Dreadnaught COMPLETE

10. Contemptor Dreadnaught


DimDim [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Deredeo COMPLETE

2. Sicaran COMPLETE

3. Tartaros terminator squad (x5) COMPLETE

4. Damocles command rhino COMPLETE

5. Legion herald

6. Geigor equivalent


Eberious [Centurion]

1. Cataphract terminator Legion Preator COMPLETE

2. Tactical squad (x10)

3. Tactical squad (x10)

4. Veteran tactical squad

5. Contemptor COMPLETE

6. Cataphratii terminators (x5) COMPLETE


Eternal Despair

1. Delegatus

2. Legion Tactical Squad

3. Legion Tactical Squad


fedratsailor [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, ForgeLord, Magos, Legate Commander]

1. Thallax Ordo Reductor (x6) COMPLETE

2. Thallax Ordo Reductor (x6) COMPLETE
3. Thallax Ordo Reductor (x6) COMPLETE

4. Dracosan Tarnsport COMPLETE

5. Dracosan Tarnsport COMPLETE

6. Dracosan Tarnsport COMPLETE

7. Veletaris Storm Section COMPLETE

8. Veletaris Storm Section COMPLETE

9. Veletaris Storm Section COMPLETE

10. Leman Russ Vanquisher COMPLETE

11. Leman Russ Vanquisher COMPLETE

12. Baneblade COMPLETE


Finnish Hammer

1. Acastus Knight Porphyrion

2. Cerastus Knight Atrapos

3. Questoris Knight Styrix

4. Questoris Knight Magaera

5. Archmagos Dominus

6. Secutarii Peltast (x10)

7. Secutarii Hoplites (x10)



1. Legion Praetor

2. Legion Centurion: Master of Signals

3. Legion Contemptor Talon (TL-Lascannons, DCCW for both)



1. Salamanders Tartaros Terminators (x5)

2. Custodes (x3)

3. Blood Angels Chaplain


HellHunter [Centurion]

1.Mk 3 Tac Squad COMPLETE

2. Mk 4 Tac Squad COMPLETE
3. Tartaros Praetor COMPLETE



1. Legion command squad COMPLETE

2. Ursarax (x3) COMPLETE

3. Leman Russ (once it arrives)



1. Consul Delegatus (poweraxe and Terranic greatsword)

2. Legion Outrider squad (6 marines, hand flamer, powersword)
3. Land Raider Phobos



1. Moritat
2. Veteran Tactical Squad
3. Destroyer Squad


Jaxom [Centurion, Legate]

1. Force Commander COMPETE

2. Imperialis Militia Grenadier Squad COMPLETE

3. Militia Auxiliary Leman Russ COMPLETE


Jeff Newton

1. Tactical support squad with plasma guns (x5)

2. Heavy support squat with heavy bolters (x5)
3. Contemptor Dreadnaught



1. Spartan

2. Knight Warden

3. Rhino 

4. Rhino


Lostrael [Centurion]

1. Dark Angel Cataphractii Terminator (x5) COMPLETE

2. Garviel Loken COMPLETE
3. Ezekyle Abaddon COMPLETE



1. Legion Tactical Squad(x10) COMPLETE

2. Legion Breacher Seige Sqd (x10)

3. Legion Breacher Seige Sqd (x10)


Master Reinhart

1. Contemptor Dreadnought

2. Legion Tactical Squad (x10)

3. Legion Breacher Squad (x10)


MrKeef [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. command squad of Invictarus Suzerains COMPLETE

2. squad of Legion Breachers COMPLETE

3. squad of Legion Veterans COMPLETE


Ninjaman [Centurion, Chaplain, Magos, Forge Lord, Seneschal]

1. Knight COMPLETE

2. Vorax Automata (x3) COMPLETE

3. Krios Venator COMPLETE

4. Typhon Siege Tank COMPLETE

5. Iron Havoc Squad COMPLETE

6. Tactical Support Squad with Choom Calivers COMPLETE


Noigrim [Centurion, Champion]

1. Custodes Aquilon terminators (converted) COMPLETE

2. moritat with 2 MC fusion pistols with jump pack COMPLETE

3. moritat with 2 MC fusion pistols with jump pack COMPLETE

4. centurion with fist COMPLETE

5. centurion with fist COMPLETE

6. tactical squad COMPLETE

7. tactical squad COMPLETE


Raudulfr the bone crusher

1. leman Russ 

2. veteran squad (x10)
3. contemptor drednaught


Razed Ruins

1. Praetor

2. Apothecary 
3. Tactical Squad

4. Tactical Squad
5. Rhinos

6. Rhino



1. Vulkan 
2. Primus medicae
3. 10 Man Breacher squad
4. Tartaros Terminators (x5)
5. Cataphractii Terminators (x5)
6. Flamer Tac Support Legionarie (x5)

7. Multi function Consul 
8. Plasma Tac Support Legionaires (x5)

9. 5x Custodes 3 Spears 2 Swords



1. Mor Deythans (x5)

2. Tartaros (x5)
3. Delegatus


Sol Invictus [Centurion]

1. Macharius Vulkan COMPLETE
2. Thallax (x3) COMPLETE
3. Thalax (x3) COMPLETE
1. Moritat
2. Rhino
3. Rhino



1. Ahriman

2. Centurion (early Crusade donors)

3. Shekmet Terminator Squad 


The God-Potato of Mankind

1. Tactical squad (x10)

2. Veteran Squad (x10)

3. Vulkan

4. Praetor 

5. Knight Errant

6. Legion Glaive


The Psycho

1. Lieutenant Rael Donovan, Wallbreaker [Rank: Legion Praetor]

2. Judiciary Isayah Xayle [Rank: Legion Chaplain]

3. Behn Ashkai, Librarius [Rank: Librarian]

4. Commander Sam'yel de Carnelyn [Rank: Master of Signals]

5. I Seeker, Hunter Division [Deployment pattern: Legion Seeker Squad]

6. Skyfall Squadron [Deployment pattern: 3 Legion Vindicators]

7.The Knight Desmond, of House Watchtower, oathsworn to the Seventh Legion and to Dorn. [Deployment pattern: Knight-Crusader]


Thousand Eyes

1. Breacher squad (x10)

2. Lascannon team (x5)

3. Sigismund



1. Veterans with Rhino (x10)

2. Templar Brethren (x6)

3. Sigismund

4. Spartan Assault Tank


Trokair [Centurion]

1. Legion Tactical Squad (x10) COMPLETE

2. Legion Terminator Squad (x5) COMPLETE

3. Legion Praetor COMPLETE



Salamander Shattered Legion detachment

1. Legion Herald consul
2. Legion Librarian
2. 10 man vet squad
3. 10 man vet squad
4. 5 Fire Drakes
5. 5 Pyroclasts (halfway done, so mostly a finishing job)

Iron Hands
6. Shadrak Meduson
7. 10 Veterans
8. 10 Veterans
9. Sicaran Venator
10. Sicaran Battletank
11. Spartan


Zujara [Champion, Chaplain]

1. Lightning Strike Fighter COMPLETE

2. Drop Pod

3. Drop Pod

4. Master of Signal COMPLETE

5. Tartaros Terminators (x5) COMPLETE

6. Tartaros Terminators (x5)

Number of participants: 27

Number of Centurions: 15


List of participants (alphabetical)


Atia [Centurion]

1. Ashen Circle Marines (x5) COMPLETE

2. Ahzek Ahriman, First Captain of the Thousand Sons COMPLETE

3. A Thousand Sons Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought COMPLETE


Augustus b'Raass [Centurion, Chaplain, ForgeLord]

1. Typhon Heavy Siege Tank COMPLETE

2. Legion Drop Pod COMPLETE

3. Legion Drop Pod COMPLETE


Brother Handro

1. Praetor Tribune

2. Tartaros Terminators (x5)

3. Diabolist



1. Perturabo

2. Narik Dreygur

3. squad of 5 tartaros terminators


Chaeron [Centurion, Champion, Forgelord, Magos]

1. 10 Tech Thralls with Las Locks COMPLETE

2. 10 Tech Thralls with Las Locks COMPLETE
3. Vulturax COMPLETE
4. Vulturax COMPLETE
5. Krios Venator COMPLETE
6. Krios Venator COMPLETE


cypher226 [Centurion]

1. Battery of 2 Medusa Siege Guns COMPLETE
2. Battery of 2 Quad Mortars COMPLETE
3. Whirlwind Scorpius COMPLETE



Demonl [Centurion]

1. Krios Venators (x2) COMPLETE

2. Ordinatus Ulator (x1) COMPLETE

3. Domitar (x3) COMPLETE


Der H [Centurion]

1. Praetor Tribune COMPLETE
2. Phoenix Terminator squad COMPLETE
3. Legion Tartaros Terminator Squad COMPLETE



1. Sons of Horus Veteran Squad (x8)

2. Sons of Horus Support Squad (x5)

Sons of Horus Rhino (x1)


Duskraider (Centurion, Chaplain, Champion)

1. Laser Destroyer Vindicator COMPLETE
2. Laser Destroyer Vindicator COMPLETE

3. Dual Grav Bombard Leviathan COMPLETE
4. Word Bearers Breacherso (x10) COMPLETE

5. Word Bearers Forgelord COMPLETE
6. Word Bearers Delegatus COMPLETE
7. Word Bearers Marksmen Veterans COMPLETE
8. Word Bearers Tartaros Terminators COMPLETE

9. Word Bearers Seekers (x10) COMPLETE


Halandaar [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Thousand Sons - Librarian Consul with Force Staff COMPLETE

2. Thousand Sons - Librarian Consul with Force Staff COMPLETE

3. Thousand Sons - Librarian Consul with Force Staff COMPLETE

4. Thousand Sons - Veteran Tactical Squad (x7) with Flamer, Sergeant with Power Maul

5. Thousand Sons - Legion Terminator Squad (5 Strong) with Reaper Autocannon & Power Weapons



1. Tactical Squad x20 COMPLETE

2. Spartan COMPLETE

3. Zardu Layak COMPLETE



1. Praetor COMPLETE

2. Tartaros Terminator Squad
3. Cataphractii Terminator Squad


Jorim [Centurion, Chaplain, Champion, Forge Lord, Delegatus]

1. Praetor COMPLETE

2. Librarian Consul COMPLETE

3. Legion Tartaros Terminators (x5) COMPLETE

4. Support squad (x5) COMPLETE

5. Tactical Marines (x10) COMPLETE

6. Tactical Marines (x10) COMPLETE


8. Contemptor COMPLETE

9. Drop Pod COMPLETE

10. Contemptor COMPLETE

11. Angron COMPLETE


Kor Dalron [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Delegatus COMPLETE
2. Diabolist COMPLETE

3. Chaplain COMPLETE

4. Apothecaries (x2)

5. Gal Vorbak (x5)

6. Tactical Marines (Mk III) (x10)

7. 10x Tactical Marines (Mk IV) (x10)

8. Ashen Circle (x5)


KrautScientist [Centurion, Delegatus]

1. Legion Techmarine COMPLETE

2. Legion Contemptor COMPLETE
3. Angron COMPLETE

4. Consul COMPLETE



1.  Keeper of secrets (allied to my IIIrd legion)
2. 10x Outriders with plasma 
3. 23x Kakophoni 
4. Rhino transports

5. Rhino transports
6. Land raider Achillies


Lord Commander Eidolon

1. Tactical Marines (x10)

2. Tactical Marines (x10)
3. Tartaros Terminators (x5)



1. Chaos Warhaound for the Legio Fureans



1. Contemptor Dreadnoughts (x2)

2. Dreadnoughts (x3)

3. Leviathan Dreadnoughts (x2)



1. Castelax 

2. Deredero Dreadnought
3. Cortus Dreadnought


The Call of the Hunt

1. Storm Eagle

2. Sicaran Battle Tank
3. Predator Squad (2 Tanks)



1. Primus Medicae

2. Librarian

3. Recon Marines (x5)

4. Tartaros Terminators (x5)


Vogon [Centurion, Chaplain]

1. Alpha Legion Spartan (x1) COMPLETE

2. Custodes with Guardian Spears (x3) COMPLETE
3. Dark Furies (which may be part of my Alphas using the Rite of War) (x5) COMPLETE

4. Custodes Contemptor COMPLETE


WickedWeed [Centurion, Champion, Forge Lord] 

1. Spartan Assault Tank COMPLETE

4. Tartaros Terminators (x5) COMPLETE

5. Javelin w. Las Cannon COMPLETE

6. Praetor COMPLETE


Xanthier [Centurion, Champion, Delegatus, Chaplain, Forge Lord]

1. Deredeo Dreadnought COMPETE

2. Deredeo Dreadnought COMPLETE

3. Sicaran COMPLETE
4. Perturabo COMPLETE




8. Iron Circle Domitar COMPLETE

9. Legion Rapier w/graviton cannon COMPLETE


Xin Ceithan

1. Squad of Skitari (x5)

2. Squad of Infiltrators (x5)
3. Magos


UNDECIDED (I expect this to be empty by the end of the event ph34r.png )


Black Cohort

1. Primus Medicae in terminator armour

2. Tartaros terminator squad with 4 volkite and a plasma blaster (x5) COMPLETE

3. Custodes squad with spears (x3)


lokkorex [Centurion, Champion, Forge Lord]

1. Thallax cohort with photon thrusters (x9) COMPETE

2. myrmidon destructors with graviton imploders (x5) COMPLETE
3. Predator executioner COMPLETE

4. 2 apothecaries (x2) COMPLETE

5. Master of Signals COMPLETE
6. Cataphractii terminators. (x5) COMPLETE

7. Dreadnought Talon COMPLETE

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Ui ...


I would like to do:


- 5 Ashen Circle Marines

- Ahzek Ahriman, First Captain of the Thousand Sons

- A Thousand Sons Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought


I'll fight for the followers of Horus of course tongue.png


PS: I'll start to write my 1k sons army list as soon as I get my little hands on Inferno, some times next month :)

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Captain Semper

Captain Semper


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The first Traitor has subscribed! Welcome to the event Atia, good luck!


Now let's see how this is going to play out! :)




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Time to finish what has been started last year.
5 x Dark Angel Cataphractii Terminator
Garviel Loken
Ezekyle Abaddon
As for the side...I need time to think about this.
"For Caliban!"

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Can we get something fancy for painting an Ordinatus?  wub.png





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Traitor for me.

Although the first part of my vow is mostly loyalist these are side projects and my main focus is still going to be Alpha Legion.

Anyway on to the vow.


1 Alpha Legion Spartan
3 Custodes with Guardian Spears
5 Dark Furies (which may be part of my Alphas using the Rite of War)



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L_T_Legion_20.jpg gallery_48988_10980_7442.png





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Alpha Legion - Traitor.

Tartaros Terminator Squad
Cataphractii Terminator Squad

To Start...

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Captain Semper

Captain Semper


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Can we get something fancy for painting an Ordinatus?  wub.png


Maybe, maybe... Do it and we'll see. ;)




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I will at least do 2x Krios Venators and 1x Ordinatus Ulator


and 3 x Domitar


after that we will see... i have to paint another 50+ Secutarii so maybe if Inferno drops soon we will find out their points for 30K 


As for faction, Warhamster Horus' Traitors...

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Loyalist Alpha Legion

1. Moritat

2. Veteran Tactical Squad

3. Destroyer Squad

My procrastination knows no bounds, but I'm gonna try. :)




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Ok, I'm In


Time to awaken the fallen of the IV Legion.


2x Contemptor Dreadnoughts

3x Dreadnoughts

2x Leviathan Dreadnoughts


As for weapon options, I'll be painting a variety of weapons and magnetising them so I can swap them out.





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Out with the old in with the new I suppose :)


to finish last year (ETL)-

Iron warrior tactical squad (10 Man)


To kick off the new year -

2 Dark Angel Tactical Squads (10 Man)

2 Tartaros Terminator Squads (5 man / 8 man)

Dark Angel Sicaran


For Terra!

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I'll happily take part.

I'll pledge for Traitors, Iron Warriors.

- 2 Deredeo Dreadnoughts
- 1 Sicaran
- Perturabo

If Rhinos are valid (as a transport not sure if they count as a legal unit on their own?) then also 2 Rhinos. I'll post up a pic once the lot is primed.

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I'll be joining on the side of the Traitor Legions. My first pledge is as follows:

  • Thousand Sons - Librarian Consul with Force Staff

  • Thousand Sons - Librarian Consul with Force Staff

  • Thousand Sons - Librarian Consul with Force Staff

  • Thousand Sons - Veteran Tactical Squad (7 Strong) with Flamer, Sergeant with Power Maul

  • Thousand Sons - Legion Terminator Squad (5 Strong) with Reaper Autocannon & Power Weapons

Images behind the spoiler.


gallery_84244_11417_1545.gifgallery_84244_11417_3775.gifgallery_84244_11417_2850.gifgallery_84244_11417_880.gifgallery_84244_11417_1641.gifgallery_84244_11417_2552.gifgallery_84244_11417_215.pnggallery_84244_11417_4840.pnggallery_84244_11417_13317.jpg gallery_84244_11417_22884.png gallery_84244_16882_1051.png gallery_84244_16660_5008.jpg gallery_84244_11417_5562.pngsml_gallery_48988_15094_1911.png




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Blood Angels and allies



I pledge (to start):

1 Legion command squad

3 Ursarax

And a Leman Russ (once it arrives).


Before pic of the Command Squad and ursarax




In the void or at the very gates of the Imperial Palace, the Warmaster will be turned back and cast down.




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I'm going to throw in my batch I'm still waiting to recieve, so here goes.

- Spartan Assault Tank
- Rhino
- Rhino
- 5 Tartaros Terminators

- Javelin w. Las Cannon


And this is support to the warmaster!

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My Thousand Sons army "At The Burning"





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Loyalist Imperial Fists 


10x Veterans with Rhino 

6x Templar Brethren


Spartan Assault Tank


For Dorn and the Emperor  




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I pledge my allegiance to the Imperial Truth.


I am still working on the fluff of the army, but they will be loyalist marines from a traitor legion who after seeing what chaos does have reject it and their legion and have become devoted to the Imperial Truth.


However as they were already a little tainted they have unknowingly gained the patronage of Necoho, the chaos god of atheism, who supports them in their fight for the Imperial Truth, as nonbelievers are his (unknowing) followers.  


 I will do a 40k army in time that will represent the same force, much reduced, using the Chaos Space Marine Codex as the Imperium by then has embraced believe and abandoned the Imperial Truth. So in 30k they will fight for the Imperium as loyalist, but later they fight against it, as from their point of view it has fallen. The irony is lost on them as they are unaware that they are corrupted and serving Necoho.


On a side note; Necoho is from the old Warhamer Fantasy and might not even be cannon there (as was only mentioned in one or two early places, let alone in 40k, but I think it works, maybe.


I am leaning towards making them be from the Word Bearers originally, for extra fluff/irony, but not sure yet and as noted below will be using a different legion for rules.  


Rule wise I will be using Alpha Legion as it will be an all infantry force and the tactical flexibility of the Alpha Legion should help play such a force.  I notice that there are a lot of other Alpha Legion forces out there. The Hydra has many heads. msn-wink.gif


The Three units I pledge will be:


Legion Tactical Squad

10 Marines, Legion Vexilla, Artificer Armour (Sgt), Melta Bomb (Sgt)


Legion Terminator Squad

5 Terminators, Tartarus Pattern, Plasma Blaster and Powerfist, Lighting Claw (on 2), Chainfist, Chainfist (Sgt), Power Dagger (Sgt), Grenade Harness (Sgt), Banestike Ammunition  


Legion Praetor

Tartarus Pattern, MC Paragon Blade, Power Dagger, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo, Banestike Ammunition, Grenade Harness (Venom Spheres Harness instead if he can take them, it is not clear to me if can)


The Praetor will be converted out of a BoP Custodes, not sure to what extend yet.



I have no formal army list for the rest but Intend to build the rest of the force so as to add the following units during 2017 as building a 30k army is my grand project this year.


1 Chaplain

1 Primus Medicae and/or Master of Signals

3 Apothecaries

1 more Tactical Squad

1 Tactical Support Squad with Plasma

1 Heavy Support Squad with Missiles

1 Heavy Support Squad with Heavy Bolters

1 Rapier squad of 3 with Quad Launcher

Expand the Terminator Squad to 10 (or a second unit of 5)

Spare special/heavy weapon marines so that the Tactical Squads can be used as Veteran Tactical squads


If I can I would also like to add in time:

1 Praevian with a unit of Castellax

1 Herald (to be converted out of a BoP Custodes with the standard, if I get the parts)

3 Contemptor Dreadnoughts


I have two pictures in the Gallery to show the unasembeled army and unasembeld pledge units.


I have started assembling the Tactical squad, hope to finish them mid week and will post picture of them then.



Edit: Forgot to say, good luck to everybody else. 

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Captain Semper

Captain Semper


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Good to see so many taking up the challenge in the first few hours of the event! ohmy.png It's also great to see a nice mix of veterans and new blood! 


Can't help but notice that the Traitors are double the Loyalists at this stage... hmm... huh.png


@ m_r_parker: I have put you in the traitor camp - not 100% clear from your post, so please confirm. 


@ 200plus: Good to see you uphold the continuity... biggrin.png I have put you on the Loyalist camp, I hope I've done this right? 



Got ninja'ed by Trokair there... :D 


@ Trokair: Feel free to add more units - three is the minimum but there is no upper limit. 





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Here goes. First pledge ever, hoping to finish.

Loyalist- Dark Angels

Consul Delegatus (poweraxe and Terranic greatsword)
Legion Outrider squad (6 marines, hand flamer, powersword)
Land Raider Phobos




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Got ninja'ed by Trokair there... biggrin.png


@ Trokair: Feel free to add more units - three is the minimum but there is no upper limit. 







Sorry, was not my intent.


I saw the thread go up, read your first post and started typing up my long post right away, by the time I posted so many others had already pledged. Good to see so many fellow participant, especially as this is my first such even ever. 


I have the parts for most of that long list of additional units, I just don’t know if I will have the time to assemble them, let alone paint them. Will try to though. 

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Commander Dawnstar

Commander Dawnstar


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Well then:


2x Ten-Man Tactical Squad

1x Five-Man Tartaros Terminator Squad


And seeing as these are for a list with Kyr Vhalen, you can put me down for Loyalist Iron Warriors.




Edit: Picture has been added.

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Captain Semper, a question, if I may:

I would really like to use this event as an occasion to put some work into my 30k World Eaters, but the project's not really about huge squads for me (not yet, at least...), so would the following pledge work within the framework of the event?

- 1 x Legion Techmarine
- 1 x Legion Contemptor
- 1 x Angron

Your Feedback would be much appreciated! :)




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I pledge:


1 Legion Praetor

1 Legion Centurion: Master of Signals

1 Legion Contemptor Talon (TL-Lascannons, DCCW for both)


I am working on my XIII Legion Detachment, so they will be Loyalists!